Tuesday, July 14, 2015

5 Healthy Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less #dishthefit

Last week, Workout Wednesday was dedicated to 30-minute workouts because we're all pressed for time. And what tends to fall by the wayside when time is of the essence? Our health, yes. So today, I'm linking up with Jill and Jessica to help you answer this question:

If you had 10 minutes, how would you fit in something healthy?

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Friendly reminder: Doing something healthy doesn't always mean going to the gym and getting sweaty, although that does count. Doing something healthy means getting up and moving, educating yourself on healthy ways and means, or even snacking on something deliciously good for you. Yes, you absolutely need to be proactive with your health. It should not slide behind your to-do list and/or other distracting things. And it should NOT matter if you only have ten minutes.

A ten-minute window is great, and sometimes all you need to get yourself back on track.
Here, five healthy things you can do in ten minutes (or less):

1) Get up and go for a walk (or run). And while you're at it, tune into a podcast that can teach you something about healthy living. Move physically while you change mentally. #winning

2) Schedule that doctor's appointment. For real, make it happen! It's not like you'll have to go in that day, so if you spend ten minutes on the phone finding an ideal time to attend it, you'll check something off your to-do list that falls under the "keep myself healthy" header. (Note to self: Schedule that eye exam, it's been too long.)

3) Make a smoothie. I know, but you gotta cut stuff and measure and...no. Smoothies aren't that hard to make. Blenders blend, so aside from making sure you're not throwing in strawberry stems and banana peels, you can pretty much just grab and toss and sip. It's really a much better use of your ten-minute window than making a pit stop at your local fast food joint for a bag of fries. Amiright?

4) Meditate, snag a savasana or just close your eyes and breath in silence. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Do this for ten minutes, do this or one minute. The choice is yours, and like that short walk or run, it'll really do wonders for your general well being on a crazy hectic day.

5) Exercise. No, seriously. Ten minutes of exercising can be fun, physically beneficial and mentally awakening (see #1). I mean, you can't really bank on 10-minute workouts every single day, but in a pinch, they most certainly work! Here's an example:

A quick workout that doesn't require any equipment.
Remember, you need to modify if necessary! When I say "break," I literally want you to take a breather before starting over in reverse. Do as many repetitions as you can at an intensity that works for you. Stretch when you're done if you've got time, and use the initial jog to wake up your muscles.

Quick clarification: Half burped. Take your hands down to the floor, bounce your feet back to plank, bring them back in to your hands and repeat. Maybe I should call this a "double-leg frogger" instead.

Question: If you had ten minutes, how would you fit in something healthy?

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