Sunday, July 12, 2015

9 Things I'm Packing for #IDEAworld and #BlogFest

Next week, I head out to California for IDEA World and BlogFest. Am I excited? No, not at all—YEAH RIGHT. This is a huge bucket list item for me, and I've been bouncing off the walls about it since I registered last November. It will obviously be my first time attending, and even my first time in California, so I've been doing some research about what to bring. And, because I love packing, I've been chipping away at it this week.

End goal: One small suitcase and a backpack filled with everything I'll need for four days of fun.

what to pack for a fitness and blog conference
I'm a notorious over-packer, so my inclination is to pack anything and everything I might need. But I'm trying really hard to pack the basics. I went to BlogHer in Chicago a few years ago, so I have some sense of what a convention can be like. But IDEA World and BlogFest will be much more physical, so there are a few extra needs I'll have to address. That said, here are 9 things I'm packing for IDEA World and BlogFest (besides the obvious, like underwear and toothpaste and makeup and stuff):

1) An Extra Duffle Bag
Word on the street: The swag is real, and I'll need an extra bag for it on the way home. My trusty ol' Vera Bradley bag is totally collapsible and will fit nicely in my suitcase on the way over. Random fact: Never in my life have I ever traveled by plane without having to check at least one bag. Guess I'll experience that going there, but not coming home. I plan to check my suitcase (stuffed full) when I come home, and I'll carry on my duffel bag with whatever doesn't fit inside it.

2) Protein Powder
I seriously cannot go without food, especially if I've just hit a workout. And since I'll be doing a lot of working out next week—and good food is hard to come by at a huge conference—protein powder will be nice to have on hand. I'd much rather eat real, wholesome food, for sure. But I'd also rather get something healthy in my system instead of consuming nothing at all. So I'm bringing four servings of my favorite whey protein, perfectly portioned into small baggies. (I'm also bringing some Cocogo and my Starbucks card, locked and loaded.)

3) A Packet of Laundry Detergent
I packed enough clothes and underwear to get me through the weekend, but I only have two days' worth of sports bras. I just don't have a huge collection right now, and I don't even need them with some of my shelf-bra tanks, so the plan is to wash them at night. They'll dry quickly over the course of the next day (I hope).

4) A Snack Box

ready to eat meal, gluten freen
My flight to California leaves right at dinner time. And since airports are notoriously lacking in healthy options, I'm bringing this GoPicnic box with me. If I do end up finding something awesome to eat, I'll save it for the conference. I'm also bringing a few snack bars and a small bag of animal crackers. And I'm really hoping to hit up a grocery store for some fresh fruit (among other things).

5) A Book
Speaking of airports. I'm flying solo and its not exactly a short hop from Michigan to California. So I'm bringing The Girl on the Train, which has been collecting dust on my bookshelf. I won't read it while I'm at the conference, obviously, but it'll be a nice travel companion.

6) A Notebook and Pen
I am so old-fashioned when it comes to taking notes. I do much better with a pen and some paper. Sure, I'm bringing my computer, but it might just stay in the hotel room during the conference...we'll see.

7) A Portable Phone Charger

silver phone charger for iPhone
One of the girls I met at BlogHer had something similar to the above. She let me use it and I was thoroughly convinced that I needed one. Outlets and/or charging stations are hard to come by at conferences, and one basically never stops using their phone at such an event, so having this phone charger in my bag will be nice if my battery dies out. Of course, I won't leave home without my usual phone and computer chargers either.

8) Shirts to Keep Me Warm
I hear it's ridiculously hot in California right now, but convention halls are ALWAYS cold. Add to it the fact that I'll be working out, then sitting still in lectures, then working out again...I'll need a layer  to keep me warm when I'm not moving. So I'm bringing three options to wear and re-wear, one of which is my A Daily Dose of Fit shirt.

9) Baby Wipes
Because I hear there's no time in-between things to shower. So if they're good enough for my kid's little booty, they're good enough for my sweaty body.

Some other things:
• Running shoes and my Studio Wraps (for the barre class I'll be taking)
• Three casual-but-nice outfits that pack easily (and match the same pair of sandals)
• Business cards (my blog card AND my gym card)
• Tons of Momentum Jewelry (mine, and some stuff to give away)

Now, there's only one thing I'm really mulling over. My big camera. To bring, or not to bring? That's the question. It's a Canon Eos Rebel SL1, so it's smaller than your average DSLR. But still. I do have an iPhone that takes great pictures, BUT STILL! I feel strange relying on it for pictures. Hmm.

Question: Are you going to BlogFest? If you've been before, any thoughts on the above? Is there something I'm forgetting that I'll really need?

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