Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My #IDEAworld and #BlogFest Goals

Goals for IDEA and BlogFest
My bags are packed. Today is the day. I'm headed to IDEA World and BlogFest in Los Angeles, California! I cannot believe it is finally here. This is totally happening! Am I excited? Yes, extremely. Nervous? Of course, for a variety of different reasons. I'll be across the country from my fam, which is different. I will be surrounded by people that I barely know, and I'll be seeing and doing things I've never done.

This is the best kind of nervous possible.

To get the most out of this event, I've decided to give myself a few goals. They reflect me, the fitness blogger, and me, the fitness professional. Two hats, one event. Let's do this:

1) Learn five new blogging and social media tips. 
2) Try five new-to-me foods and/or beverages.
3) Discover five new industry trends that might fit my gym.
4) Make new friends.
5) Hang out with old friends.
6) Connect with five key brands.
7) Learn something new in each of my sessions at IDEA World.
8) Have fun.

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Recaps to follow, for sure.

If you're going to IDEA World and BlogFest, be sure to introduce yourself if you see me.
I wanna meet you!

Question: Are you going to IDEA World and BlogFest? What is one of your goals?

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