Saturday, July 18, 2015

#linklove: Good Reads from Around the Internet, Vol. 7

Today is my busiest day over here at IDEA World.
I've got four workouts lined up, including one with Jillian Michaels (WHAT).
Exhaustion is definitely in my future.

Perhaps, if you're relaxing today, you might need something fun to read.

1) When my kids were eating purees, I bought an ice cube tray to freeze perfect portions of homemade food. Now, it's collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere because my kids eat solid food and our freezer has a built-in ice maker. I gotta clean it off, though—these are 12 completely genius things to do with an ice cube tray.

2) I've been waking up every Saturday morning and hitting the town with my friends. My running friends. I leave the husband and the kiddos behind to fend for themselves. Translation: They're still sleeping, they really don't need me. And yet, I still feel guilty for leaving them to do something for myself. Something I need, that actually makes me a better person. Other moms: Does this happen to you? Here's what's really behind our mom guilt.

3) The inspiration at IDEA is over the top. Here, some advice on success and happiness from 20 IDEA world-renowned presenters.

4) iPhones and other high-tech gadgets are commonplace. Paper is the curiosity. #ilovenotebooks

5) Do you listen to TED talks? Admittedly, I don't. Or at least I haven't just yet. But I'm thinking of starting my TED experience with the 22 best TED talks for fitness, health and happiness inspiration.

6) A guy who's never seen Frozen attempts to explain the plot of Frozen. Enough said.

7) As the fitness director at a health and racquet club, I am responsible for writing and/or fine-tuning group fitness class descriptions. Literally, though...I wish I had more freedom because if fitness class descriptions where actually honest, this is what they'd say.

8) I've always been a fan of Lee Hersh and her blog, Fit Foodie Finds. She shares some great advice in this post: How I Tripled My Food Blog's Traffic in 12 Months.

9) "The spirit of a little boy is a burning desire to touch, build, fix, destruct, fight, and love." — from A Plea for Boyhood and Rough Play

10) When I turn on the TV, I turn on Netflix. You can betcha I'll be adding these healthy Netflix documentaries to my list.

Question: Do you have Netflix? Anything you've tuned into that I should be watching?

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