Monday, July 8, 2013

Which foods have the most proteins? @WomensHealthMag will tell you.

I baked a few chicken breasts for dinner tonight. Could chicken be any easier to cook? Seriously, a little garlic powder and some freshly cracked black pepper...I mean, come on. Just one of a gazillion different ways to approach it, all of which are generally considered to be delicious. Chicken is just that versatile. It's also full of protein and quite often the go-to source for those of us that seek to add more protein to our diets. But obviously chicken is not the only source of protein—how boring would that be? I'm sure you can name at least five other sources. But how do they compare to chicken? Thanks to Women's Health, you no longer have to wonder:


Question: What's your favorite source of protein?

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Kelly McNelis said...

This is a great reminder. A lot of moms tell me that their babies and toddlers won't eat meat, but there are lots of other options for protein!

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