Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday (and my #BlogHer13 goals)

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. I leave this afternoon—I can't believe it's here. Excited? There are no words. I registered for BlogHer '13 so long ago, gosh I'm sure it's going to be over before I know it. I'll be one of thousands swarming this convention. So as not to get too lost in the shuffle, I made myself a list of goals to keep myself centered, focused and out there. First and foremost:

1) Don't let anyone dull my sparkle.
I need to stay confident. Don't know why, but I'm prone to doubting myself when I'm in a situation that surrounds me with new people. Clearly that's where I'll find myself over the next few days, so one of my goals is to continuously remind myself that I am comfortable in my own skin. That I have a purpose in being at this event, and that no matter what, I can shine. Not a single person can or should take that away from me.

2) Put the business cards to use. Translation: Meet at least ten new people.
It's easy to greet someone and forget about them minutes later. So when I say meet at least ten new people, I want to really, truly connect with at least ten new people. Ambitious? Maybe. But I'll be at a convention that hosts thousands of bloggers much like myself, and I'm sure to find myself in situations that foster new friendships. Or at least some decent conversation that goes beyond the typical make-small-talk type. And, hey...if I meet ten new people that means I might have found ten new blogs to read. #win

3) Connect with five brands.
There's an expo. Brands will be there. Swag will be had. (Swag = Stuff we all get.) But I want to make sure that I use this time, this event wisely. I want to connect and/or reconnect with brands that I can ultimately forge relationships with for you, my readers. Brands that I can stand behind. Brands that you'll appreciate me standing behind for whatever reason.

4) Attend at least two panels that are worth talking about on Daily Dose.
Aside from the expo, there are a number of really great panels worth attending. Topics cover everything from behind-the-scenes blog work to getting published to health and wellness and food. I mean, seriously. There's something for everyone. And there are a number of must-attends on my list. Some of which you'll care less about me reporting on. But some of them are sure to produce valuable information for you, and I'd like to make sure I hit those. Or at least two of them.

5) Run fast on Friday, then run nine miles on Sunday.
I'm participating in a 5K on Friday morning. It starts at 6:30AM, and there's another event I'd like to attend that starts at 7:00AM. This means I have to run a sub-30 race in order to get to the second event at a reasonable time. I think I can do it. As for the nine miles on Sunday, that's what my Indy Women's Half training plan is calling for this week.

6) Visit old friends. 
A few of my college girlies live in Chicago, and I really want to connect with them at some point. I don't get to see them often, so whenever this possibility presents itself, I do what I can to make it happen. One just has to make time for old friends.

7) Go to Trader Joe's.
No further explanation needed.

8) Have fun.
No further explanation needed.

Question: How do you handle situations that totally take you out of your element? What do you to to keep yourself calm and confident?


RunFastMama said...

I am so happy I got to meet you at BlogHer and see eatchother off and on during the conference! I hope your goals were met and can ot wait to read more of your blog!
Hope to see you again soon!

adailydoseoffit said...

I still can't believe you were the first person I met! Such fun times! Keep in touch!

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