Sunday, July 14, 2013

#IndyWomensHalf Training Update, Week 2

I ran seven miles on Saturday. 
And then I got a massage.

Seriously, massages are amazing. Especially when the massage therapist is your aunt. Man, she digs in. I only wish she lived closer so I could see her more frequently. She found knots in places that I didn't even realize were tight! Like in my calf muscles, for example. They're sore today, although I'm not sure who's to blame: My aunt or my new running shoes. I don't typically get sore calf muscles. I don't typically have knee problems, either, but I seem to be dealing with a bout of Runner's Knee right now. You know the feeling...when it's tight behind your knee cap? Ugh. I don't feel it when I'm running. Only afterwards.

Could it be the new shoes?
I hope not...I genuinely like them.

I'm running in Mizunos right now...the Wave Sayonaras, which I got to sample through my Ambassadorship with FitFluential. They're much lighter than the Saucony Triumph 10 running shoes that I wore for the Chicago Women's Half Marathon. And by "lighter," I mean that they don't offer as much cushioning. This is totally fine with me. I don't mind a lighter shoe. Maybe I just need another run or two in them before they're officially broken in. Or maybe I just need something else for longer runs. 

In the meantime, I've got a little tin of this stuff for the knee:

Another perk to knowing the massage therapist. Free samples! She's the best. (No really, I swear she's the best massage therapist out there. And I'm not just saying that because we're related.)

I've used creams like Icy Hot in the past to soothe sore muscles. It's an ongoing debate as to whether or not they do any good. But when I had some of this stuff on my shoulder this weekend, I swear it put Icy Hot to shame. I rubbed a little on the back of my knee earlier today and it felt really good. Stinks like hell, but who cares. Small price to pay, eh?

Anyway, here's what the training plan looks like as of right now. Two weeks down, seven to go:

Now, to bed I go. This girl is tired.

PS: Awesome giveaway lined up for tomorrow. 

Question: How do you deal with Runner's Knee? What's your shoe of choice for longer runs?

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