Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting ready for BlogHer '13, and other random thoughts.

Welcome to BlogHer '13 week. I'm probably way more excited about it that you'll ever be, unless you yourself are going. (In which case, please tell me so we can meet!) I have always wanted to attend a blogging conference and there are so many to choose from, but they are never in my neck of the woods which makes them hard for me to attend. So when BlogHer announced that their annual conference would be in Chicago in 2013, I scooped up a discounted ticket. Like, last year. So I've been sitting on pins and needles about this for quite some time. But it's here. BlogHer is here...well, it'll be here on Thursday.

I have a number of awesome things lined up, and as it turns out, I'm staying with some very great people that some of you will know. But for now, I'll keep that all to myself. Save the exciting stuff, right? I don't want to jinx it. But check this out:

New business cards, baby. Who wants one?

I'm looking forward to handing them out because hopefully I will be getting some in return. This means new blogs to read, new businesses to interact with...oh, the connections! Can I just say, though. I'm totally going out of my element here. Attending something like this virtually on my own is especially intimidating to me, but I'm just going to put my big girl pants on and do it. I'm gonna put myself out there and have some fun.

I know it's gonna be great.

Also great:

New flavors, friends. You bet your grocery bill I swooped these right up yesterday. I've tried all but the Orange Creme already. Let me tell you, each one of them is delicious. In fact, I put two of the Mint Chocolate Chip cups in my freezer.

Frozen Greek yogurt! What! Do it.

In other news: I had a great run this morning. Four miles fast. Looking forward to getting the rest of this week's runs in while I'm at BlogHer. There's never a dull moment when you run Chicago. The people. The lake. The buildings.

Tomorrow, we do kettle bells.

Question: What do you love about your favorite place to run? Trees? People watching? Tell me...


Anna said...

Yay a fellow Greatist! I'll be there Tara! And I'm excited to meet you. Will you be at HealthMinder by chance? If so, please come find me! I'm moderating the Fad to Foundation panel.

adailydoseoffit said...

YAY! Unfortunately, I won't be attending HealthMinder Day...wish I could sneak in to your seminar, though! Let's be in touch. Can't wait to meet you!

Wendy Del Signore said...

I love this post! Would you link up with us sometime at Motivation Monday?

Kate said...

Whoop! Whoop! Enjoy and come back and share all the good news!

adailydoseoffit said...

I'd love to! Thanks for telling me about it...

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