Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's up, Wednesday!

I'm having one of those days. Lots to do, excited about everything, can't quite concentrate on just one thing. Indulge me while I brain dump—it's officially "What's Up Wednesday" around here.

I'm having a marvelous time with pushups these days...I'm pretty sure my classes and clients hate me for it, but whatevs. Secretly they love me for it, this I know. Lately, I've been a big fan of pushups with alternating rotations to side plank. Never a dull moment when you turn two exercises into one. Obviously you start with a pushup...

...and as you push back up to your starting position, you rotate one arm up into a side plank. But it's not just an upper body rotation. It's a full body rotation into that side plank position:

Notice my lower body? Hips are turned, feet are stacked.

From here, you rotate back down into a pushup, then come up again on the other side. Reps and sets are up to you, and you can absolutely modify to knees if you need to. And as you advance, you can work in a top-leg abduction to increase the core challenge. (<—I know, right? Slick move.)

2) BLOGHER '13

I'm three years into this whole blogging thing, and in two weeks I'll be heading to Chicago for my very first blog conference. I couldn't be more excited (and nervous...totally going by myself). The plan is to not have a strict plan. I know that sounds counterproductive because from what I gather it's a cray-zay weekend. I have been studying the agenda and there are a few sessions that I'd like to attend. And there are a few brands and bloggers I hope to interact with. But really, I just want to soak up the experience. I want to meet my peers, to learn from them...and to hopefully learn more about myself as a blogger (and person). Bonus: I'll be staying with one of my old college roommates who is not attending BlogHer, but hijinx will ensue as there are plans to have some fun.

Things are going well in this department. Two things that are different than when I trained for the Chicago Women's Half Marathon: My shoes and the heat. Holy cow, it's as if the temps changed overnight. My morning runs used to be somewhat cool. Now I feel like I'm swimming through the humidity. Legs still feel strong, though. Here's what I've got coming up:

Yep, still studying. I have a stack of magazines about 20 deep to prove it—unread magazines never happen in this house! I have finally made my way through the book that details human anatomy and exercise science, so now I'm just reviewing my note cards.

Anatomy and physiology, man. There's a lot of terminology in this book that I don't use every day, so I've had to brush up on some of it. And if you've ever studied anatomy or physiology, you know it's not easy stuff to take in. But the more I read through it, the more it comes back to me. So right now, the goal is to take the certification exam in early Fall. We hope to vacation in October at some point, so I'd like to make it a celebratory vacation if at all possible. Fingers crossed.


Vega just sent me some of their new Vega Sport sugar-free energizer packets to try out. I haven't tried one yet, nor have I looked into when, why or how to consume them. But I do tend to like Vega products, so we'll see.

Question: What's up with your Wednesday?

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