Monday, April 22, 2013

Sponsored Post: @BareFruit Snacks (#giveaway)

You know me and my need for awesome snacks, right? A girl on the go looks for health and portability when packing foods for later consumption. So when Bare Fruit offered up the chance to test out a case of their apple chips and dried fruits, I couldn't turn them down.

Let's be clear, though: Not only was I provided a case to test, I was compensated for this review. So if that bothers you, feel free to stop reading. But when I say that positive thoughts can't be purchased, I mean it. Which means you can trust absolutely everything you read below. Or right here: Bare Fruit snacks are good. I swear. I particularly love their dried fruits:

I love dried fruit, but it often comes loaded with sugar. And not just the natural sugars that can't be avoided whenever and wherever fruit is involved. I just don't get why some companies feel the need to add even more sugar to something that already has sugar. And don't even get me started on the dried fruit that is literally coated with sugar.


Such is not the case with Bare Fruit. It's plain as can be, made only with whatever sugar is already in the fruit. I pretty much chowed on the mango as soon as I saw it in the box, and I packed the apricots in my bag for consumption at work this morning.

Sweet tooth, you've been satisfied. Literally, the only ingredient listed is the fruit itself. Bare Fruit for the win.

Let's move from chewy to crunchy.

I love apple chips so much. They satisfy both my need to crunch and my sweet tooth, and they aren't always that bad for you (if you buy the right bag). And they also make eating apples a lot easier. Sometimes, let's face it, it's just easier to eat from a bag. Bare Fruit sent me three bags to try.

I was skeptical of all three, only because I wasn't sure how they could possibly taste differently. Sometimes, regardless of the variety, an apple just tastes like an apple—This is why I go through spurts with apples. I love them, and then I get bored with them. And then I love them again.

Currently, I'm loving them because 1) Bare Fruit sent me these awesome apple goodies, and 2) I got a sweet deal on some Fujis at my local grocery store.

Random fact: I have never, ever liked apple juice, though. It's unexplainable.

Back to the apple chips. Just like the dried fruits, the only ingredient listed on the bag is the apple itself. So here's my only complaint: The bags themselves don't really come with a lot of servings. So that might make this product a tad bit expensive. I opened the bag and thought it looked quite empty. Just with the chips, though. Not the dried fruits...those bags seemed quite full, actually.

Anyway. I served myself some apple chips right next to my favorite salad for lunch today. And, yes...they all tasted differently.


Find out for yourself: Head on over to the Bare Fruit page on Facebook and enter their giveaway, which is co-hosted by yours truly. One lucky winner will get their very own case of Bare Fruit products. This nifty little QR code will take you there, if that's your thing:

This contest ends on Friday, April 22, 2013. Bare Fruit will announce one winner on their Facebook page, and I'll duplicate that announcement here.

Question: What is your favorite variety of apple and how do you like to eat it.

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