Sunday, April 7, 2013

#ChiWomensHalf Training Update, Week 5

Guess what, guys. I finally ran outside today! Mom drove up and clocked five miles with me. She and I are both training for the Chicago Women's Half Marathon, so I'm sure this was the first of many long runs that we'll doing together. The weather? Chilly, but manageable. I didn't realize how cold it was until I finished running. But, I'd rather be cold when I'm running than sweltering hot. That's not fun to me. At all.

Stats from today's run:

I use MapMyRun to keep track of everything. I should get a Garmin, or maybe even a Polar, but I just haven't made the investment yet. For now, MapMyRun seems to be working just fine for me. (And that last .14 of a mile...that's really just us finishing the walk home. Pay no attention.)

Here's how Week 5 of my training plan shaped up:

With a number of my instructors out this past week on various Spring Break trips, I found myself subbing a few classes. One of which was a Spinning class on Thursday. We did an endurance-based ride, which left me wiped so I didn't give that 3.5 miles a second thought. Obviously it didn't hurt me too much as today's run went really well. So far, nothing crazy on the books for this week so I should be able to clock all of my scheduled runs.

Speaking of crazy, these came this week:

Hello, yellow! I still can't believe I won a pair of Reebok Sublite training shoes from Blonde Ponytail. You guys should really be reading her blog. She posts some awesome workouts, and she's a superfit preggo right now—that still does some awesome workouts of her own. You all know how much I loved working out when I was pregnant. Go check her out!

Anyway. In other news I scored another sweet deal on some Mondetta Performance Gear this week. Cute capris alert:

I am in desperate need of fitness clothing right now. Especially pants, as none of mine seem to fit well. They keep sliding down, which means I'm constantly pulling them up. Not cool when you're in front of a full class. Just not cool. So when I saw the above at TJ Maxx this weekend, well...I couldn't pass up a $50 discount:

I am all about fitness clothing that doesn't break my bank since I'm in the stuff every day, sometimes twice per day. The perk of working at a gym is that you get to dress the part...comfy, but still quite expensive. Unless you find the deals.

Deals rule.

Back tomorrow with another giveaway.

Question: Garmin or Polar? Why?

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