Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leg Day Workout

My legs and I, we are totally getting along right now. It might be all the running. Or maybe it's the Spinning. I really cannot attribute it to one thing. I don't have a leg day. My teaching schedule at the gym just doesn't allow me to train like that. But I used to, and leg day was always my favorite. And I still love every leg exercise I do in my classes. Lately, though...I am totally infatuated with the lunge/hop combo (Butt and Thigh Blast) I shared a few days ago.'s so good. My legs SCREAM after three sets of 15. Literally, they quiver. 

So anyway, if you like to train by body part, here's a leg day workout you can try. And yes, it includes the aforementioned lunge/hop. Have at it, and let me know how it goes:

Question: What is your favorite muscle group to work? And what's your favorite way to work that muscle group?

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