Monday, July 16, 2012

Quench Your Thirst (#Infographic)

Well...that was a weekend. So on Friday, I came down with a silly bug of sorts that rendered me completely exhausted until Sunday morning. I had a fever, chills, nonexistent appetite...I took two naps on Friday. TWO NAPS, people! One while Hannah slept, and the other after the hubs got home from work.

I never take naps.
Like, ever.

So it was a low-key weekend, that's for sure.

I didn't go for my usual Saturday morning peaceful run, although I did go grocery shopping (which was a mistake as it completely wiped me out). I spent most of Saturday without the fever and chills, but the appetite was still somewhat nonexistent. So I munched on carbs. Carbs sounded good. And I drank water.

Lots of it.

Maybe I was just dehydrated?
Who's to know.

In this heat, it's so important to consume enough of the stuff. Especially if you're an active individual. Here's an infographic that explains why:

Quench Your Thirst
If you're a personal trainer, take the time to remind your clients to drink enough water. If you're not a personal trainer, take the time to drink enough water! And remind your friends to, too.

As I said before, I felt much better on Sunday morning. Still a little off, but nothing at all like I was on Friday. I managed to get myself out to the art fair that was going on in my little beach town. And I ate a fabulous turkey burger for dinner complete with a side of herbed, grilled redskin potatoes.

Proof that I was feeling better, that's for sure.

And today, I woke up with the sun to teach my 6:00 AM Circuit Sculpt class. With up to 13 people depending on me, I really can't miss it. Nor do I want to.

And now, I'm off to catch up on all the things I didn't get done over the weekend.

(I'll admit, it was nice to bring the laundry up and just let it sit in an unfolded pile in the middle of my living room, but's seriously bugging the crap out of me. As are the dishes. NEAT FREAK!)

Question: Other than water, what's your drink of choice when it comes to quenching your thirst. I love me some lemonade...and ice-cold white wine. (We've got vineyards galore in Southwest Michigan, I can't help it.)

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