Sunday, July 8, 2012

Healthy Surprises

We've been playing a lot of peek-a-boo lately. I don't know if it's the surprise of seeing my face jump out of my hands or the goofy voice I use to say "peek-a-boo," but my girl seems to love it. And I love making her laugh and smile, so it's a win-win for both of us. Except maybe a bit more for me because nothing melts a momma's heart quite like her baby's laugh.

Lucky for me, this isn't the only surprise situation that's come my way as of late.
This showed up on my doorstep a few days ago:

Sweet box, right? Another one of those monthly subscription services that delivers delicious goods right to your doorstep. I dig delicious goods, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to experience that which is the Healthy Surprise box.

And oh—Hail Merry full of flavor!

I almost shed a tear when I ate the last of the above.
You think I'm joking. Believe you me, I am not.

I am, however, quite possibly addicted to Instagram. And shopping, but this is nothing new.

I ran out to my trifecta of stores this weekend: Target, TJ Maxx and Old Navy...and I made purchases at each location. But, in my defense, said purchases were necessary and not indulgent. Well, except for these three items:

I keep hearing about Love Grown Foods granola, but I cannot buy it anywhere near where I live. I've entered countless giveaways across the Internets, sitting with crossed fingers in anticipation of wins that never come to fruition, so you can imagine my overabundance of joy when I found the above in the checkout aisle at TJ Maxx. Another healthy surprise, indeed.

Do you have a TJ Maxx where you live? It's like an outlet mall, but in store form. (Seriously, your debit card is lucky if you don't have one near you.) You never know what you'll find, but yesterday, I found the above. I FOUND THE ABOVE! $3.99 a bag and I contemplated for a second just getting one bag, but snatched up all three flavors because that's what you do when you can't buy something by buy it in bulk.  They had a whole slew of healthy goods, but I was too distracted by my sweet score to care.

I've cracked into the Sweet Cranberry Pecan and it's pretty delish. Then again, anything that combines "sweet," "cranberry," and "pecan" has to be pretty tasty, no?

Anyway, that's enough about food. I've had food on the mind all weekend.

Things are going well. The scale hasn't shifted, yet. Well...a pound which doesn't really count. I do, however, find myself eating even more mindfully. As in, being more aware of appropriate serving sizes. As a result, I am more in-tune with my hunger pangs and feelings of fullness which often get overshadowed by inappropriate portions. And I haven't been overindulging on the snack front, which is so easy for me to do. So here's to the next few days. We'll see what happens on the scale front, if anything.

I haven't been posting many workouts lately, so I thought I'd make up for it by posting a new one each day of this week. Any requests?

Until then, I've got tomorrow's 6AM class to prep for. I didn't get much done today because we spent most of it at the beach. And while Hannah took a nap under our umbrella with daddy, mommy read her favorite magazine:

Today was truly a rest day. Was it yours, too?

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