Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Lateral Burpees

There is something so innocent, almost sweet about a baby's burp. As I pat gently on her back, my daughter will often turn her head on my shoulder and share one with my ear. Not so cute, should that same burp come from an adult. Not that I'd be patting an adult on the back, and not (especially) that I'd have one slung over my shoulder. But we as adults get lapse with our burping, letting them fly all too frequently.

Don't act like you don't know what I mean.

Burps. Facts of life.
Just way cuter when they come from babies.

And then there's the burpee. The exercise that everyone loves to hate, much like a plank.

Get excited: This week's Workout Wednesday highlights an alternative to the standard burpee. All credit goes to SELF Magazine for this one, well...and Jillian Michaels, too. Love her or hate her, girl has some good exercises. May I introduce you to the lateral burpee?

Great, right? What I love the most about the above is that you can do it anywhere. Exercises you can do anywhere are fitness gold—worth so much to you!

Want more no-equipment-do-anywhere exercises? You're in luck. The above is part of a 15-minute workout designed by Jillian for SELF Magazine's 2012 Jump Start Diet and Exercise extravaganza. Here's the full video, the print version of which you can find in the magazine's January issue (if you're old-fashioned like me and still like to read things in print):


Question: Did you work out today? If so, what did you do? 

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Sherry said...

Now that's my kind of workout! That's how the Insanity workout is and it's amazing!!!! :D

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