Thursday, January 12, 2012

Official Product Review: Lollihop

Subscriptions are all the rage, as they have been for quite some time now. From magazines to makeup, e-blasts to blog feeds, truffle-a-month and wine clubs...doesn't it make you happy to come home to these little surprises, even if you have to pay for them? I know I love waiting for the UPS guy and the mail lady. Especially as of late, since I'm not really venturing out much.

Daddy took some time off this week, so we've been holed up in our little house trying to get our little one acclimated to life outside of Momma's belly. So far, things are going well. Life is extremely different than it was before, that's for sure, but the two of us are adjusting to being a "the three of us" with every new day. There are, however, certain things that remain constant. Some of which are my subscriptions. Of the magazine sort, of course. However a few weeks ago, Lollihop introduced me to their subscription service with a complimentary box to review.

Yep. A box:

What is Lollihop? Food delivered right to your doorstep once a month. But not just any food: "the best healthy snacks, ones that fit easily into your life."

I know, right? A deluxe subscription, that's for sure! You can sign up for a monthly service, or in 6- and 12-month increments. Regardless of the price, getting a box of healthy treats on your doorstep makes it totally worth it—especially if you have a hard time finding eats like this in your neck of the woods. Every box contains at least eight items which are all either minimally processed, natural and organic, low in sugars and "rich rich rich" in nutrients.

You might get this stuff, for example:

Linwoods milled flax, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, and goji berries. I added a tablespoon to a very simple bowl of oats, which upped the flavor considerably.

Good stuff.
Also good:

Somersaults. My local Caribou Coffee sells them, and I've always wanted to try 'em so I was quite ecstatic to find a bag in my Lollihop box. Salty and sweet, without all the gunk. The perfect snack, if you ask me.

And who doesn't love a healthy chip:

Seriously, these PopCorners were amazing. A-MAZING! Perfectly crunchy in every way, and full of flavor that draws you in and in and into the bag until you reach the bottom. I'm obsessed.

Anyways. I could go on and on about all the treats inside my Lollihop box, but let's focus on the main point in front of us: Lollihop is a great subscription service that just might take away that "what should I snack on" stress. Every time you approach the box for a taste of what's inside, it's like a fun little moment where you feel like you're giving yourself a gift. Which you are, really, since everything inside it is pretty good for you. When you're living the fit life, it's truly important that every snack you sneak is 100% supportive of your healthy lifestyle.

So if you work at a desk, you could stash the box in a drawer. (Goodbye, vending machine.)

If you're constantly on the go, put the snacks in the glove compartment or center console of your car. (Convenience stores stink, right?)

If you stay at home, might have to hide the box somewhere if you live with others. Trust me, people are going to want what you got! And if you want what I got, then head on over to Lollihop and sign yourself up for a subscription. Again, totally worth it.

Besides, don't you get enough magazines in the mail? It's time for something different!

UPDATE: I've just been informed that as of right now, January 2012, Lollihop is no longer accepting new members, which is a total bummer...but only for the time being. They are returning to the "think tank" in an effort to better their offering, and I'm told that said offering is to include more products for children. This new mom gives that a big hurrah! If you head to their website, you can sign up for their newsletter which will absolutely inform you when subscriptions are available again. I think you should do it.


knoshbox said...

Have you heard about the knoshbox curated food subscription box yet? 

adailydoseoffit said...

I have not. Sounds interesting!

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