Sunday, January 1, 2012

It can be done.

New year, new you—it's that time again. Time for resolutions and promises. Time to contemplate the previous year while dreaming about the one that just began. It's time to set in stone (or ink) personal goals which you vow to achieve one by one in the days, weeks and months ahead of you. And as you set out on such a journey, always remember this one thing:

It can be done. Whether you face health-based goals or bucket-list goals, it can be done. Find inspiration in those around you that have checked similar goals off their list. Don't be afraid to ask these people for help. Don't be afraid to, afraid throughout your journey. Growing and changing, yes...even in the gym, is all about testing your limits. It's all about challenging yourself in ways you've never been challenged before. And it's about adapting, too. Sometimes you have to find different ways to keep your fitness goals. 'Course, let's not forget about safety and appropriateness, but if you put your heart to something—your heart will eventually feel so full. And complete.

So don't listen to those naysayers that simply want to derail your efforts. Prove them wrong, and along the way, you just might convince them that they, too can achieve similar things in life.

Happy New Year, dear readers! 2012 is yours for the taking.

(Curious about J. Layton? Me too. Check him out on Wikipedia. Apparently, he was quite the motivational Canadian politician.)

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