Friday, January 20, 2012

SparkPeople's Quote of the Day App

You might have guessed that I love me some motivational quotes. Perhaps it's the writer in me that appreciates the quality compilation of a series of words, perhaps it's the human in me that appreciates the inspiration. Either way, this world would be missing something if motivational quotes didn't exist...obviously, 'cuz without them it would mean that we as a society weren't talking or writing!

Anyways, you know what I mean.

Motivational quotes make us smile. They have the power to dry tears, instill hope...they can lift us up and move us forward. They can trigger something within us that ultimately brings out the best of us. Nowhere is this more important than at the gym. And when I say "at the gym," I mean that as a general and overarching statement meant to cover your fitness goals and dreams as they pertain to your drive to live the fit, healthy life.

After all, we tend to struggle in the face of chocolate and fatigue, self-doubt and disinterest. We tend to struggle because we are human. But thankfully, we humans can be very smart.

Hence, the motivational quote.

I've been finding a lot of them on Pinterest lately, but I have to say, my favorite source right now is SparkPeople's Quote of the Day app for the iPhone. Are you familiar with SparkPeople? It's an online community that offers "nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free." Like workout trackers and meal plans, recipes and (of course) motivational quotes. A great site, for sure. One that's readily available to you whether or not you have an iPhone. However, if you DO have an iPhone, I completely suggest you consider downloading their app. It's free!

And it's unlike most quote apps in that it gives an explanation of the quote...'cuz let's be honest, sometimes those motivational quotes can be confusing to decipher. The explanations aren't long, and they make it really easy for one to find meaning in the quote. Meaning that can be applied to one's own life. Particularly one's fit life, which is cool. What's a quote if it can't connect, right? For example, this was the quote I got a few days ago:

Obviously rest is hard to come by when you're living with an infant. I have to force myself to relax throughout the day. I'm just not one to stop and sit, or to stop and sleep, but I can't care for the bug (Hannah) if I'm exhausted. So I am constantly reminding myself to rest up in whatever way I can, whenever I can. Add to it that I'm breastfeeding...I guess my "crop" will be more "bountiful" if I'm rested, too. Right?

Anyways. That's just me.
You can apply the above to your life at the gym, right? Think about it.

And think about downloading the app if you can.

I'll leave you with one more quote:

Translation? "When things are the craziest is exactly when you need to focus the most." Now, if you can't apply that to life in and out of the gym...well, I dunno.

Question: Do you have a favorite quote?

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