Monday, January 2, 2012

What does your plate look like? (#Infographic)

The diet industry loves January. New year, new you—right? Many of us vow to change our bad eating habits, to go on a diet or to finally kick that bad [pop/fast food/candy/whatever] habit. It's time, once again, to start eating healthy (if you haven't been doing this already). But what the diet industry doesn't get is that "eating healthy" isn't a diet. It's a way of life based on nothing more than picking the right foods and controlling portion sizes. Sounds simple—that's what it surely should be. So let's take a look at how your plate should look:

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Question: If your plate was in the graphic above, what would be on it?

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joolz said...

Loooooool True only in diet my plate look like that =))

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