Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Post: Creative Soul in Motion

Today, I'm feeling eternally grateful for Erin. She writes Creative Soul in Motion, and this is the second guest post she's written for me...well, for you! Erin and I have never met, we haven't talked on the phone, but we're blog friends, for sure. That's what is so cool about being a blogger—you just never know who you're going to "meet." Below, she's got some great tips for you. Ways to keep yourself going in these harsh winter months. Cold temps and mega winds be damned, you can still get your workout on. Even if you have to stay indoors. 

Check it:

I used to enjoy running on the treadmill and using weights at the gym BUT then I signed up for a triathlon and spent all of the summer outside running, biking, walking, and working out. I was barely ever inside the gym and I found that I LOVED it. I loved being outdoors, exercising while enjoying nature and even enjoyed forcing myself to deal with crazy New England weather. I loved the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. But now it's getting cold. And windy. And dark. And not very nice outside. And I thought I could keep it up. I thought I could keep running outside regardless of the temperature. But I don't think I can. Or really want to. So, rather than force myself I am going to make the next few months fun while staying inside...most of the time at least!

How I Make My Indoor Workouts Fun

1. Go to Classes at the gym and local studios!

By far this is the best way, in my opinion, to have fun at the gym. I love yoga classes, spinning classes and strength training classes. I love classes in general. The team atmosphere, the music, the instructor, the motivation, the new moves, everything. This winter I plan on doing a LOT of yoga and spinning. I think they're a good balance. Spinning gives me a great cardio workout while yoga strengthens, balances and tones me in other ways.

2. Mix it up!

Running on the treadmill gets boring pretty quickly. Instead, I try to shake things up. Here are a few great ways to mix up your normal gym routine:
Option A: Treadmill Run + Abs + Arms = Every 5 minutes pause the treadmill and do exercises behind it. I do arm dips, crunches, squats, pushups and even jumping jacks!
Option B: Change machines every 7 minutes. Go from treadmill, to elliptical, to stair-master and then back to treadmill. Why 7 minutes you ask? 5 minutes is too short and 10 is too long.
Option C: Use weights on the treadmill BUT be VERY careful! Use them whenever you are walking at 3.6 or lower.

3. Try New Equipment!

Have you noticed a theme yet? Winter is the time to try new things! Like new equipment! Unless you're a complete gym rat, there is a VERY good chance you haven't tried all the weird, fun and useful equipment your gym has. Ever try the BOSU, foam roller, TRX suspension training, kettlebells, rowing machines, stair master...the list goes on. Ask someone to show you and give it a try!

4. Find fun ways to be active!

Salsa dancing, clubbing (without the massive amount of alcohol), rock climbing, bouncing on trampolines, even bowling. They all work your body and get you up and moving so grab a friend and be adventurous!




5. Get outside!

Okay, enough with the whining. Yes, I know it's cold BUT getting outside for a little while everyday is important for your sanity and your health. Being outdoors helps you connect with nature, de-stress, lower blood pressure, give your mind a break from screens and overall give you a boost of energy. So, go for a short walk, try snow shoeing (super fun) or cross-country skiing, build a snowman or go ice skating!

In the end, the point is: Don't let the cold weather slow you down, instead use it to your advantage and make the most of the wintery months. If you'd like to read more about my crazy adventures, how I find balance, stay healthy and enjoy life come on over to my blog, Creative Soul in Motion, and be sure to say hello!

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