Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One month left!

It's hard to believe we have but one month until Baby is due. ONE MONTH! We're not freaking out, not at all. (Honestly.) We are just really, super anxious to meet the little bugger. I'm still feeling really well...getting tired a lot easier as of late, but no excessive swelling or back pain to complain of. And the nursery is complete, save for the boy or girl bedding that'll be washed and placed at the last second. We even put the car seat in the car:

Still getting used to the fact that my kid'll go in it. Safe driving is evermore important now, so I'm trying to go slower, turn easier, etc...etc. You know, in anticipation of carrying the most precious cargo ev-er.

My life at the gym is slowing down, too. I used to get up really early for a few clients, work through the morning, then return for a few night sessions—I've since hooked up some of my early morning and night clients with other trainers for the time being. I miss them, but that's life. I can't overextend myself at this point. Lord knows my abdomen is already doing enough overextending. All of my coworkers are taking shots at how big Baby will be.

I was seven pounds and six ounces at birth, and I think my husband was even smaller than that. So maybe that'll help us in some way or another. If not, so be it. I'll survive.

And I'm thinking Daily Dose will, too. The closer I get to Baby's arrival, the more I hope and pray that I can keep things going. I love you, dear readers! And I don't want to lose you. I've been doing my best to write ahead, and I've got a guest post or two lined up. (Wanna write one? Lemme know...) My life is about to become totally consumed with diapers, milk and sleeping schedules—but I am bound and determined to keep writing. Please bear with me if the "daily" aspect of things goes askew for a month or two.

Tonight, my second-to-last prenatal yoga class (sad).
Tomorrow, another Workout Wednesday. Get excited!

Question: What's your trick to keeping up with life when life suddenly gets the best of you? Do you bear down and go, go, go...or do you take stock in what needs to be done, putting other things on the back burner until you can get to them? Tell me your secrets!

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