Thursday, December 29, 2011

"The Most Popular Health Topics of 2011"

I don't live in New York City, but that doesn't stop me from reading Tara Parker-Pope's Well blog on The New York Times' website. Not only does she have an awesome first name, Tara "sifts through medical research and expert opinions or practical advice to help readers take control of their health and live well everyday." That makes her blog awesome, too. Most recently, she posted an article about "the most popular health topics of 2011."  The author, someone named Anahad O'Conner, studied (among other things) Google's analysis of the most popular and fastest-rising search terms of the year. According to the report, the following search terms topped the "Fastest Rising Workouts" list:

1) Thor Workout
2) Ryan Gosling Workout
3) Chris Hemsworth Workout
4) Captain America Workout
5) Cam Newton Workout
6) Elisabetta Canalis Workout
7) Afterburn Workout
8) Asylum Workout
9) Tough Mudder Workout
10) 100 Workout

 And on the "Fastest Rising Diets" list:

1) Dukan Diet
2) Four Hour Diet
3) 17 Days Diet
4) Slow Carb Diet
5) Perfect Health Diet
6) African Mango Diet
7) Lichi Diet
8) Esselstyn Diet
9) Rachel Ray Diet
10) Beyond Diet

Geeze, I don't even know what some of those things are, but it sure is interesting to see what people in the United States were "googling" all year long.

If you go back to the article, you will also find links to popular search items on both Yahoo! and Bing, as well as links to the most popular articles on the Well blog itself. This, of course, made me curious—what were the most popular articles on Daily Dose this year? Now, unfortunately my analytics can only produce a "Top 10 of All Time" list, so there are three articles on it from 2010. The rest are from this year:

1) Power Balance Wristbands: Real or fake? [2010]
2) Official Product Review: Sparkling ICE Water [2010]
3) Heart Rate vs. Hard Work
4) Orange Juice
5) WIN THIS: A variety pack of Pure bars!
6) What is a Zercher squat?
7) "You can't afford to be skinny!"
8) 100-Calorie Cupcakes [2010] 
9) WIN THIS: A cookbook from Terry Walters!
10) Hmm, which yogurt to pick...

If you haven't read them yet, check 'em out!

Question: What kind of workout and/or diet searches did you make this year?


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