Friday, December 9, 2011

Looking for new BOSU exercises?

I get a lot of junk emails pertaining to the fitness industry. Some of them are worth my time and attention, others I delete almost immediately. Such is life. But I got one the other day that actually linked me to something worthwhile—the following video that demonstrates three BOSU exercises well-suited to all of those winter sports and activities you may or may not be participating in.

Not participating in any winter sports or activities? I still think you should try the above...they look awesome, and I'd be doing them if I could actually challenge my "reflexive power center." Otherwise known as my core. It never, ever hurts to work the core. It is, after all, the center of our selves.

No access to a BOSU? You could probably still do the first and last exercises on a well-anchored, low stool (though you might want to forgo the jumping). And if you don't have one of the little weighted balls she uses, feel free to substitute a manageable hand weight if you can grip it tight enough.

Now go, try out the exercises. I'm dying to know exactly what they feel like.

Oh...Happy Friday, y'all!

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