Sunday, December 18, 2011

Be yourself.

I absolutely love this quote. The message is spot-on, and it's one we so often forget as we seek out acceptance in a world that inundates us with "perfection" and the need to achieve it.

It's so easy to compare ourselves to others, real or in print. But those "others" are not you, and (newsflash) they most likely have the same fears, dislikes and concerns that you do. In fact, they might even have more of them. They are human. So when you catch yourself longing for the leg muscles of that girl in the tight Nike pants, or when you pin another image of a set of abs that you'd like to be yours—look in the mirror. Say hello to yourself. Your self is what really matters. You are what matters.

And being you in this imperfect world is perfection.

Rise above everything else. Rise above the temptation to feel less than yourself. Rise above the need to fit a certain mold, to be a certain person.

Just be yourself.
Your happy, healthy self.

There's no better way to be, I promise you this.

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Rita said...

I love this post, Tara. I agree that it is easy for us women to fall into the comparison trap but we need to realize how amazing we are. Great message!!

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