Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update your playlist!

So I've been rocking out to some new songs. Despite the fact that I am certainly not hitting the club scene as of late, said songs take me right there. And it's that carefree party-on-the-dance-floor feeling that truly gets me moving on the gym floor. Needless to say, I've put them on the the playlists I've been using in my classes. Have a listen:

I seriously wish I could dance like Beyonce. I mean, I can shake it with the best of them, but girl can MOVE. How she shakes her shoulders like that is beyond me. I guess some women are just born with it. Kinda like Britney, although I think Beyonce does it better. And no...I'm not afraid to admit that I still like Britney:

I'm not really sure she can sing, and I feel like there's a bit of a disconnect in her eyes, but her songs still entertain me. Maybe even more so than they've ever entertained me. Good beat, fun lyrics...yeah, I'm in. Rounding out the ladies, another classic chick:

It's decided—I need to have a dance party right quick before this torso can't twist anymore. I hope this little potato inside me loves dancing as much as its momma.

Oh, sure. I listen to dudes, too. Time to bring the token male to the table. Males, in this case. I just heard the following song today, and although I have yet to download it, I'm seriously liking it so far. It's called "Turn It Up," and it's by Kalup Linzy. Who? No clue, but he features James Franco on the following track. Yeah, as in the guy who flopped at the Oscars. Listen:

So anyways, that's how I updated my playlist. And here's my advice to you for the day: Make sure you keep your playlists updated with songs that totally motivate you. That's why we plug in at the gym, right? To keep us moving, to tune out distractions. So don't let yourself tune out the tunes in your ears. Spend a few bucks now and then on some new songs. It's really worth it.

Question: What's on your playlist these days? Anything I should know about?

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