Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Eclectic Playlist

This post goes out to Jenny, who kicks butt in my TRX class week after week. (Work it, girl!) She requested that I post today's playlist on this here blog, which I am happy to do. For her and for you, because if you're looking for an eclectic (love that word) playlist that lasts for about an hour...well, this definitely fits the bill.

Check it:

I have to say, though. I think everyone in my TRX class kicks some serious butt. They work hard, and it shows—and it challenges me, too! It's the type of group that will and usually can do just about anything, so that opens a whole slew of doors in terms of picking and choosing the right combo of exercises. What can I do to make them sweat? How can I tweak this exercise now that it's getting too easy? It's seriously so fun for me to plan. I love working out with people who clearly love it, too. People who put their everything into it.

If I could bottle their energy for you, I would. But I think if you dig deep, you'll find your own energy bottled up somewhere inside.

PS: I think my husband secretly likes Britney's new song. He sings it a lot, but when I call him out on it, he swears he's just kidding around. Maybe he is, but I still think it's funny that he knows the words. If you were to take a peek at his iPod, you'd find a lot of Frank Sinatra and movie scores and, well...some 80's music. Definitely not Britney.

Question: What's the most eclectic song you've got on your current playlist? Anything completely random or totally old school?

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ang said...

Song #15 is the best...love, love, love it!!!!!!! :)

TARA said...

Ah, yes. Kenny and Dave...truly a most excellent combination.

jennyfromthegym said...

Thanks, Tara! You just made my day!!! Love your class and getting my DD everyday, keep up the good work!

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