Saturday, July 16, 2011

Egads, what a week!

When I started this blog, I intended to post something every single day. And for a while there, it happened. But as of late, life has been getting the best of me. From freelance projects to personal training clients, a new house and my bulging belly—you haven't been getting your "daily dose" of me. And as I sit here right now, I wonder if that's acceptable. Will you stop reading if I stop posting on a daily basis? Do you mind that I often post about other things unrelated to fitness? What will happen when the baby is born? Questions I often ask myself.

Questions I might not ever have the right answer to, so I trek on and do the best I can. I think, in all honestly, that you understand. Life probably gets the best of you, too. But there's one thing I can assure you. Through it all, even though I don't share it, life has yet to get the best of my fitness. I'm still hitting the gym, still stealing walks along the bluff. Because realistically speaking, life is granted because of fitness. It's like the gas in our gas tanks. That which keeps us going. Well, along with the right food.

So let's keep going...

The first thing I need to tell you about is Emily's Blueberry Banana Bread. Seriously, it's amazing. Quite possibly the best banana bread I've ever eaten. And if you don't like banana bread, I urge you to try it nonetheless. Even the hubs liked it, and he's picky. Does this not get your mouth watering?

 It's not overly banana-y, but perfectly moist like most banana breads are. And really, can you go wrong when you add blueberries to a baked good? Not in my opinion. The last loaf is de-thawing as we speak. Perhaps that's why my jeans aren't fitting.

Oh, wait. I'm pregnant. Whoever decided that a ponytail holder works to extend the life of non-preggo pants—you're a genius. I'm using it with gusto whenever I wear my jeans. But it doesn't work with my wide-leg linen pants. I may have popped a button trying to squeeze into them. Looks like they're headed to the back of the closet for a while. And it looks like I'll be hitting up the maternity sections today. We're headed to South Bend to get some shopping done. We need a filter for, well...I don't know what. But the hubs says we need one. Yeah, we shop for boring things now.

Which brings me to the house. Things are falling into place quite smoothly!

And when I say "falling into place," I mean that all the furniture is where it needs to be. I haven't touched any of my decorations yet. Those are all still in boxes in Baby's room.

Along with a few other random things, like wet laundry and photo albums that need a bookshelf. My list for IKEA is growing by the minute!

As is, apparently, my belly.

One last pic:

I found this delightful message when I went walking along the beach. I don't know who wrote it, but I know why—it's the truth! Exercise is, despite what you may think, really fun! Consider it a game, your own personal challenge, or something you do with friends. However you approach it, remember these fundamental words: Exercise is fun. Because only when you have fun with it, can you truly embrace it as good.

Question: When was the last time you had fun exercising?

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Tami said...

Back when *I* was pregnant button fly jeans were all it. Imagine the number of pony tail holders needed--not fun when it came time for a bathroom break but I wore my jeans for a LONG time! Will read your blog whenever it appears.

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