Monday, July 11, 2011

Bump alert!

So I'm working on my 15th week right now, and although this picture was taken post-lunch, I assure you the bump is all baby. And I still think it's crazy! Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it...I just can't believe it's actually happening to me. Well, to us. Daddy is pregnant, too. Right? Jason obviously isn't getting any of the physical symptoms, but he's had to do a lot of the physical things around the house that I can't do. Like move heavy boxes. And laundry (when I'm too tired to stay up to finish it).

I thought maybe you'd like to see where I'm at, and can I honestly say, taking your picture in a mirror is hard work! Maybe it's just me. Anyways...

It was a long weekend and I apologize for my absence. The sister-in-law is married, and she's currently on the beach in Jamaica with her husband. Beautiful bride, beautiful groom. Gorgeous (hot) day. Ain't weddings grand? I'd show you pics, but alas, I didn't take a single one.

And so here we are. Monday! Did you start your week off with a workout? Are you planning to get one in tonight? I obviously taught Circuit Sculpt today. I just love it! But I'm having to modify because of Baby. "Do as I say, not as I do," I continuously bark. They love me.

But I don't love that I have to modify ab workout. I think abs are one of my favorite muscle groups to work, but I am scaling back on that one because of Baby. Given that I'm at the start of my second trimester, it's definitely time for me to switch things up as one can't compress the core too much when she's got a bun baking. So, I thought I'd give YOU a 3-move ab circuit. Someone has to keep the ab workout going. I elect you!

1) LEG EXTENSION CRUNCHES WITH A MEDICINE BALL:  Lie flat on your back with your legs and arms extended, hands holding an eight to ten pound medicine ball. Press your lower back into the ground, lift your feet and hands about six inches off the ground. Crunch up and bend in one knee, keeping your arms straight as you bring the ball up and over that bent knee. Return to start and repeat with your other leg to complete one repetition.

2) SIDE PLANK WITH EXTENDED ARM AND LEG: Start on your right, straighten your right arm underneath your shoulder while extending the left arm toward the ceiling. Lift your left food away from your least six inches, more if you can handle. Hold. (Start with 15 seconds if you don't have experience with planks. Otherwise, go all out and start with 30 seconds per side.)

3) BUDDY TORSO TWISTS ON AN EXERCISE BALL: If you're working out with a friend, this exercise will work perfectly. If you aren't, you can always jump on a cable machine. Back to the buddy system...sit on an exercise ball, hold one end of an exercise band with handles and give the other end to your friend. Extend your arms out in front of you, then have your friend walk away from you to the left in order to put some tension on the band. Twist to the right, fighting the tension the whole way by using your entire core muscle group. Complete all repetitions, then switch to the other side.

Got it? Good.

And now, I'm out. Time to make a chicken salad for dinner.

Question: When will this nausea go away?! And, what are your three most favorite ab exercises?

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Laura said...


I can't help with when the nausea will go away, but I do know a couple friends of mine have said sour jolly ranchers were a real help! Hope you're feeling better SOON.

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