Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Official Book Review: Run Like a Girl

A very long time ago (like, before I was pregnant or even a homeowner), Mina Samuels sent me a copy of Run Like a Girl to review. Even though life got the best of me over the past few months, I did what I could to stick with it because I truly began to enjoy it from page one—but could never really find the time to enjoy page two, or more than two pages at a time. But as we settled into the house, I began to find pockets of time suitable for reading and, well...I finished the book this week. I feel so accomplished.

And I feel compelled to let you know that it's a great read. Really great, actually. It's not a book out running, per se, but it's a book about women who choose to run. And women who choose to ski, climb rocks, etc. It's about women who choose to rise about the status quo and power through their athleticism (and various road blocks) to excel at the sports of their choosing. Sure, it talks a little bit about Title IX and the whole male/female/women can't beat men thing—but in a sense that explains we sure can beat men, and we shouldn't feel guilty doing so. Which is really affirmation that we should be proud of our accomplishments, no matter what our fellow males (or females) are accomplishing.

That's a message that doesn't get delivered enough, if I do say so myself.

Speaking from a technical writer's standpoint, I have to say that I truly enjoyed Mina's approach to non-fiction. Sometimes I pick up non-fiction books and brace myself for a history lesson. And if you think back to those history classes you took as a student, you know what I'm talking about. Serious zzzzzzz's. Such is not the case with Run Like a Girl. I felt like I was listening to my best girlfriend talk. Her style is very conversational, which totally engages you from start to finish. I honestly would find myself responding in my head to what she was saying, only to have her then respond in text to herself with my exact same thoughts.

It's a good read, 'nuff said. If you're looking for some inspiration, no matter what your age or athleticism, this surely qualifies as just that.  To prove it, I'll share a few of my favorite quotes:

Question: Do you run like a girl?

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