Sunday, July 3, 2011

4 Moves for the 4th

I's not the 4th of July yet. And I didn't write a post yesterday. But I'm here today, albeit late, but nevertheless...I'm here. And I've got a 4-move workout for you in case you want to sneak in a quickie before you hit the Independence Day celebrations tomorrow. But first, I'd like to wish my mother a very happy birthday!

She's 50. And she's amazing. The woman runs at least twice a week, does yoga...and looks damn good for someone her age! I can only hope to have the same experience when I turn 50. God bless her, and God bless those genes! Pictured at right: The last few seconds of the Shamrock Shuffle. We paced together the entire way through. She managed to edge past me right at the end, although I think we crossed the finish line at the same time. I will say, though, that I never have ever minded following her footsteps. She's cool like that.

Now, let's get to that 4-move workout. Do it at the end of your cardio, or mix the four moves throughout. You'll hit each major muscle group, and you won't need a single piece of equipment. Do as many repetitions as you typically do. Not sure? Try 12, increase to 15 if that's too easy. And do two sets, maybe three of each depending on your fitness level.


1) STRAIGHT-LEG SIDE LUNGE TO REVERSE LUNGE: Start on the right. Plant your left foot, then step out to the right with your right foot. Complete the lunge, keeping your left leg straight the entire time. Return to start, then immediately step back with your right foot to complete the reverse lunge. Complete all repetitions on the right before moving on to the left leg. (Muscles used: Glutes, hamstrings, quads...inner and outer thigh, too!)

2) PUSHUPS: I know, generic. But when you're going sans equipment, they're really the best upper body move out there. At least in my opinion. Variations include, but are not limited to: Hands shoulder-width apart with your elbows at your sides, hands staggered forward and back, one-arm against the wall or a bench (or the floor if you're that good), one hand on a curb or rock or low step, explode (push up off the ground)...what else?

3) CALF PRESS WITH SHOULDER PRESS: Nope, you don't need any weights to challenge those shoulders. Remember, your arms weigh something. In this case, to get the challenge, you'll have to increase the fact, go by time instead. Like, for example, 30 seconds. Trust me, your arms and your calf muscles will get tired. How to? Perform a calf press while simultaneously pressing your hands above your head.

4) PLANK: Obviously. Does it get any better than a plank? Methinks not.

And there you have it. Go time!

Question: Do you workout on holidays or do you take the day off? And if you take the day off, do you build that day off into your weekly fitness regime, or do you just take it as a freebie?

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