Thursday, July 7, 2011

Squats with Weights (and a Wedding)

I like to entertain my clients while they work out. Not just with some witty conversation, but with exercises that never feel repetitive. While I repeat exercises, I never do so two sessions in a row. (The exception, of course, being planks.) But in my flurry to bring new and exciting things to the gym floor, I often forget that simplicity is often just as good. There are so many oldie-but-goodies out there! And as I check out the gym floor each day, I walk away from my shift having been reminded of at least one. Maybe two. was one. A good, totally simple one,

It was the side-to-side wide squat with a shoulder press. Which, of course, involves a set of hand weights...or a suitable bar of sorts.

The how-to:

Pick a set of hand weights or a body bar that's heavy enough to challenge your shoulder muscles, even if it won't much challenge your leg. Remember, any added weight counts—but not at the expense of the weaker muscle group which, in this case, happens to be your shoulders.

Start with your feet together, weights at shoulder/chest height. Step to the right, hit a wide squat, step back in and press the weights up above your shoulders. Bring them back down again, then repeat the squat, starting with your left foot. Continue this side-to-side motion until you've done 12, maybe 15 shoulder presses. Move on to another exercise that targets a different muscle group, then come back for one more set of this combo.

Of course, you can alter sets and repetitions according to your typical training schedule. And if you have any questions about what those sets and repetitions should be, feel free to send a note to dailydose (dot) notes (at) gmail (dot) com.

I am always willing to help out as best I can without seeing you in action!

But now, I must leave town. We're headed north to celebrate my sister-in-law's wedding! (Jason's sister, if that sounds confusing.)

You'll make a beautiful bride, Chandra!

I feel like it was just yesterday that you and Art got all dressed up for our wedding. Of course, your brother and I (and Baby) can't wait to return the favor. I'm just glad Baby isn't much bigger, 'cuz my dress fits JUUUUST RIGHT! Maybe all the dancing I intend to do will loosen it up a bit. Here's to an awesome weekend! Can't WAIT to get it started! And I'm so excited for you and Art. Marriage is a beautiful thing, and you'll both just love it...the good times and the bad. Love you both!

Question: What's your favorite oldie-but-goodie exercise? Were you invited to any weddings this wedding season?

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