Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Total-Body Workout (No equipment needed!)

A did a silly thing this week. I ate breakfast at the gym on Monday. Oh, I know. That's not silly. I do it a lot, actually. The class I teach ends at 7:00AM, so I use the hour in between it and my first client to plan for said client (and any other clients I have that day). This, in fact, is the silly thing I did:

I ate my oats in an almost-empty Almond, Peanut & Cashew Butter jar. Call me crazy. Sort of, I guess it's not that silly. But I did feel like I was eating straight nut butter for breakfast. As in, right out of the jar and into my mouth—don't lie and tell me you've never done that. (You haven't? Oh. Well...anyways.) When I was packing my breakfast, I noticed that there was but a single serving left. Forget the bowl, I'll make this super easy. And it was. In the mix above: Better Oats Raw Pure & Simple oatmeal, half a banana and a spoonful of Chia Goodness. And yes, the Chia Goodness tasted much better this time around. Sadly, so did the butter. But now it's gone.

Sometimes, we just have to go without. But not without exercise. Although you can forgo the exercise equipment. You might be traveling, you might not feel like going into a gym or you just might not have an assortment of toys at your fingertips. Whatever your reason for going sans equipment in a workout, it doesn't matter. You can still make it a good one with the single piece of equipment you will always and forever have: your very own body. I subbed a Cross Training class yesterday, implementing the no-equipment rule as best I could. It went well, so I thought I'd share it with you.

(NOTE: This class was built to fill a 60-minute time slot. Please remember to warm up and cool down. Perform 12 repetitions of each exercise, unless otherwise noted. Oh, and grab a towel. You might sweat a little. Just thought I'd warn ya.)

Lemme know how it goes. I love getting your feedback on my workouts. It helps me build better workouts next time around. And no, I didn't forget about that foam roller workout I promised you. It's coming, I swear. But first, I have a smoothie to discuss. Yesterday's lunch started off looking like this:

But ultimately ended up looking like this:

A nice, tasty and healthy Strawberry Carrot smoothie. Aside from the obvious ingredients, I threw in some flaxseed and wheat germ. (And I only used half of the yogurt.) As for the carrots, I ended up pulling out Jack (the juicer) but I imagine you could shred them and get the same effect. (Someone try it and let me know.) What you don't see: the tasty Sunflower Butter and Homemade Pumpkin Butter rice cake sandwich. So yum.

Question: What have you done with carrots lately?


Anonymous said...

I actually just roasted some baby carrots for the first time yesterday. I will be doing this again! I put a little olive oil on them and put them in the oven (400*) for about 25 minutes and they were really good.

Unknown said...

I've picked them...with my the garden we have at school! So fresh and beautiful with the long green stems still on. :)

body transformation challenge said...

Such a great post to read.this way i feel i get a better workout..

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