Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Go! Use your muscle, carve it out, work it, hustle."

Pop quiz! In what Lady Gaga song can you find the lyrics above? It happens to be one of my personal favorites. Think about it as you peek at the following pictures. Gotta say, girl puts on a show:

In all her crazy weirdness, Lady Gaga is truly an artist worth watching. Everything she does throughout her show, any show or appearance, is backed by a message. Her ongoing theme is currently emphasized even further in her new single. Lady Gaga wants you to accept that you were born this way. And throughout the concert, she'd stop to remind us "little monsters" to embrace the way we were born. To embrace ourselves for who we are. And to not let anyone bring us down. A message we've heard before, but a message we've never seen come to life quite like this. Like a Monster Ball. And I think it's a message we can all come to appreciate, even if you can't stand the Lady herself.

We are born the way we were born, and no amount of time in the amount of time at the mall or in a certain pair of shoes...can ever really change who we are. Accepting that, embracing that—embracing YOURSELF—is the first step toward accepting your life as you know it. To living that life to its fullest potential, and to feeling good about doing so. Everything else we do, all the workouts and the shoes and the whathaveyou, all that simply enhances the way we were born. It does not define us. And we should accept that, both in terms of ourselves and others.

Think of the song in which the aforementioned lyrics appear? It's this one. Now go, use your muscles...

Question: What's your favorite Lady Gaga song? How have you used your muscles today?


Lauren said...

Lady Gaga rocks! Did you get to see her in concert? :)

P.S. The song is Just Dance :)

TARA said...

Yep, I did see her in concert this week! Monday night, actually. It was fantastic and amazing. Her energy is ridiculous! I'd see her again in a heartbeat.

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