Friday, March 25, 2011

DOMS, and my attempt to cure it with juice.

DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. I have it today. In fact, I've had it all week. My inner thighs and glutes are screaming something fierce, and I blame it on Sunday's 7-miler. Oh, and Monday's Circuit Sculpt class. (And maybe even yesterday's spin class.) No mercy! I show myself no mercy, and then my body does the same to me. I feel like an octogenarian whenever I try to sit down, but I honestly love that feeling. I take it as the sign of a great workout, that's for sure. But it's an annoying sign, nevertheless. I can't remember where, but I once read that cherry juice does wonders to combat DOMS. So I bought some (deliciously combined with pomegranate juice).

And then I consumed it. Verdict? It's quite the tasty treat, although I did dilute it a bit with some ice cold water. I don't much care for super-sweet beverages, and this definitely fell into that category. Whether or not it actually helped my sore muscles...well, the verdict is out on that one. Research indicates that it works, but according to the study I read, you have to consume a bottle of it twice a day for three days before exercise. And if you think that's too much, you also have to consume it for four days after exercise. That's a lot of cherry juice, right?

The good thing is that cherry juice is fairly high in antioxidants, as is pomegranate juice, so at the very least—you're introducing more of these disease fighters into your system. I'm not sure if that's ever a bad thing. Speaking of antioxidants, they just might fight inflammation. And so, this is part of the reason cherry juice seems to take a stand against delayed onset muscle soreness. But really, let's be honest. Despite all that good stuff, it's just tasty treat in liquid form. So why not drink it on occasion, right? Just make sure you get a pure version... that lacks any additives. Especially sugar. Boo to added sugar.

But really, when it comes to DOMS, there is truly only one cure: a little rest and relaxation. Listen to your body, proceed if and only if you can without pain. It's true, sometimes sitting still for too long can have a reverse effect. But when our body tells us it needs a break, it's always wise to take one. Push too hard, strain those muscles too much...well, who likes getting hurt? Not a single person. I bet a lot of you like scrambled eggs, though.

Jason (hubs) and I eat them often because A) they're cheap, B) they're versatile and C) they're full of protein. And I love (and need) me some protein. Yesterday's mix was quite interesting, and I feel compelled to share.

If you think you see peas in the mix, you see correctly. I mean, who eats peas in their eggs? Apparently I do, along with some chopped green onions and just a touch of fresh mozza cheese. And since I put black pepper on everything, into the eggs it went. Now, I ate this particular brew at lunch sans hubs. But if he were home, and if he had made the meal, you might find Sun Chips in your eggs. Yes, it's true. Those chips that come in the loud bags. In. My. Eggs.

I about died. He's an adventurous cook, that one.

Try the peas, please! You won't be disappointed.

Question: What's the strangest thing you've ever put into your scrambled eggs? And when you get sore, what's your go-to remedy?

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