Saturday, March 26, 2011


The other day, I spent some time researching a few behind-the-scenes things in an effort to better this blog. Oddly enough, I came across the following:

As a former cheerleader, you know I love it. And you know I believe that cheerleading is, in fact, a sport. I won't argue why, that's a conversation best left untouched (it never ends well). But I will stand up right here, right now to argue the point that cheerleading challenges the body. Precision and control are a must and only the strongest of muscles can maintain it from move to move. Not big, bulky muscles, but long and lean muscles. So, of course, that's why Cheerobics could be a great workout. Only in the UK, though. Which bums me out. (Remember the ladies of Fit2Cheer? I wonder how their program is developing...) Until this program comes stateside, we ladies (and adventurous men) will have to stick with things like Zumba. If you scoff at these classes, scoff no more. It's all cardio, all movement. But most importantly, it's fun.

Classes like Cheerobics and Zumba represent the numero uno reason I love the fitness industry so much. The creativity is infectious, new adventures are always available and therefore boredom is never an issue. So even if you're not down with Cheerobics or Zumba, I urge you to keep yourself abreast of the newest and greatest thing at your gym or in your area. Stray from the norm and try something different. You just might surprise yourself. I sure did surprise myself yesterday when I tried a new cereal for lunch.

Apple Cinnamon Almond Chia Goodness from Ruth's Hemp Foods. I thought for sure it was a winner, it had all the right ingredients. Chia seeds, raisins, apples, almonds and cinnamon. Eventually some almond milk, too. (Chia seeds turn into gel when combined with liquid, which in turn makes the cereal grow like those sponge animals you used to create from a pill and some water.)

I know, right? Looks good. I literally made a "this is gross" face when I took my first, second and third bites. I thought I might learn to love it, but alas—safe to say that I didn't. At all. But I'm not giving up on my purchase. I actually think it'll be good sprinkled over some oatmeal. That way, all that Chia won't be the main event. Just a sideshow full of flavor.

Question: What creative fitness programs have you tried lately? And further, have there been any foods that have disappointed you in your recent past?

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