Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stretch Bands: The inexpensive, go anywhere way to tone your muscles.

I recently started using stretch bands at the gym and I think I'm in love. I will forever be fascinated by their simplicity and surprised by their ability to tone. When used correctly, they just might rival any high-tech machine or dumbbell out there—especially since they can be taken anywhere. As in, they'll help you keep up the workouts on vacation without having to sweat it out in a nasty hotel fitness center. (Toning on the balcony at sunset? Perfect!)

Stretch bands are also a super-inexpensive way to give your at-home workouts a boost, and you can find them just about anywhere. I bought a set of three (one of which is pictured above) for $9.00, and I am certain I've already got my money's worth.

How to use them? Let me count the ways! You'll notice mine is tied—that's because I put it around my calf muscles and do side steps to work my adductor (hip) and gluteus (butt) muscles. (Oh, how it burns!) Any good Google search will produce a variety of sources with further examples, but here are a few off the guide that came with my stretch bands:

If you already use stretch bands, tell me how! If you don't, pick one up and let me know how it goes.


ACB said...

After only one use, I'm a believer. I'm on my search to find one!

Unknown said...

Hold one end in each hand. Left hand straight above your head and pull down toward your hip with the right side. Great all over toning, because you have to engage your obliques too! If you want more on Tara, email mom. She uses them in pilates!

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