Monday, March 29, 2010

Hammer Curls

I did a little research before I wrote yesterday's post, and I continually read that Michelle's trainer has her doing Hammer Curls—a lovely addition to any workout, if I do say so myself. They're simple, but totally effective. Anyone with a well-defined bicep has probably done one or two Hammer Curls in their lifetime. (Well, probably more than one or two, but you know what I mean.) Take a look:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms at your side with dumbbells in hand. Palms should be facing your body. Using your bicep muscle, slowly lift the dumbbell to your shoulder. The motion of this move should always remain in the bicep muscle and elbow joint. If you're using your shoulders or moving your back at all, you may be lifting a weight that's too heavy. As you lower your right hand, begin lifting the dumbbell in your left hand. Lowering your left hand will complete one rep while starting another, since you'll be lifting the right dumbbell again. The curls are continuous, but keep them slow and controlled. Don't swing your arms or twist your wrists.

Try two sets of 12 reps using a weight that you determine is comfortable.

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Dawn said...

I did these exercise I forgot about..thank you!

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