Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SlimCado? Alright, I'll try it.

I really like avocados and I love me some guacamole. So when I came across the SlimCado in the produce section of my local grocery store, of course I was intrigued. Plus, my usual Hass were rock hard so I had no other option but to roll with the perfectly ripened Slim. What would it do to my guacamole?

I am neither dietitian nor nutritionist, but I do know that avocados are high in fat—monounsaturated fat, to be specific. When eaten in reasonable quantities, this type of fat can help lower cholesterol. But still, "reasonable" is the key word and we all need a little help with that. Hence my intrigue with the SlimCado, who's sticker claims that it contains "30% less fat than the leading California avocado."

SlimCados are grown in Florida by a company called Brooks Tropicals. Their website indicates "half the fat and a third fewer calories," which contradicts the sticker a bit. Maybe there are different varieties? Or maybe I'm overthinking the numbers. Either way, it's still lighter than my usual Hass. And apparently it can grow much bigger, too. Up to 13 inches long—holy guacamole! And speaking of guacamole, mine was still delicious.

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