Monday, March 8, 2010

Rise and shine, it's workout time!

I know, I know...the last thing you want to do in the wee hours of the morning is run on a treadmill or pick up a weight. Sleep is too precious, and your bed is too warm. When I worked in advertising, I'd hit the gym at 5:30 every other morning. Sounds crazy, but it became a routine that I couldn't do without.

Morning workouts set a standard that you'll weigh everything else against. It may take a lot to get you out of bed, so would you really negate that hard work with a pop and some fast food on your lunch break? Or a candy bar when the mid-afternoon jitters hit? Hold yourself accountable. Start healthy, stay healthy.

And take advantage of cooler weather. If you live in an area blessed with warm weather, waking up early may help you beat the heat. Which means, when you get home from work, you won't have to give up your workout because Mother Nature sent a heat wave.

Speaking of work, you flex your noodle all day long—and that can be pretty taxing on the body. Consider your morning workout the warm up. Decompress before you compress! And free up your evenings for running errands or relaxing.

For those of you that have asthma, here's something else to consider: The American Council on Exercise reports that individuals with asthma are less likely to experience an attack in the morning, but the severity of your asthma and the conditions of the environment will play a factor. Be sure to keep in touch with your doctor. They'll know for sure if this generalization applies to you.

Bottom line, try it once before you write it of. You might catch a sunset, or meet someone new at the gym. Just make sure to eat a little something (healthy carbs) beforehand. Your body will be starved for energy because—surprise!—you do burn calories while you sleep.

Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes!

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