Sunday, March 28, 2010

If you got it, flaunt it.

Michelle Obama certainly does. With good reason, too. She repeatedly gives this nation one of the best First Lady "gun shows" we've ever been privy to and it consistently causes a stir. Why? I don't know. Do you think twice about wearing a sleeveless top if it's A) hot out or B) cute? I didn't think so, but the fuss continues.

I recently came across a bit of that fuss in one of my fitness magazines. The publisher wrote an article on biceps in which he said "mainstream America may feel that she has a six-pack and amazing guns but it ain't so." And then he goes on to say that she "likely has a fairly high body fat percentage." And while that last statement may very well be true, who is he to say so without actually measuring her body fat for proof? (Dude, never tell a woman she's fat.)

Michelle's entire platform as the FLOTUS is based on health and nutrition—hello! White House garden!! And the woman clearly works out. So what if she doesn't look like a size one runway model. Do you?

I'll defend this guy on one tiny detail—his magazine targets women who aim for that Miss Fitness type of body, and every model he showcases is absolutely ripped. (Sometimes they scare me.) And I definitely wouldn't classify the First Lady in a category with those women. So maybe that's where he's coming from.

To me, Michelle is the perfect example of a working woman who (pardon the pun) exercises her right to be fit. She doesn't have what our society deems as the picture perfect body, but I think that's what makes her so beautifully inspiring. She works out, she eats well. She loves a good hamburger and French fries every once in a while. That makes her normal, just like you and me.

I think her arms look great, and I think her dedication to fitness is inspirational.

What do you think?

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