Monday, March 22, 2010

Map your run.

Tired of your typical running route? Oh, how quickly it happens! One can only pass the same trees, houses and barking dogs so many times before motivation disappears completely. And with the onset of spring, you'll be running outside even more these days, so add to your Bookmarks.

This handy website helps you create new running routes on your current stomping grounds. And for those of you concerned with distance, it'll even tell you how far you're going. I mapped out the following as an example. It's the path I typically ran in college, which took me from the steps of my dorm to the grotto at Notre Dame and back.

Turns out, it was only 1.77 miles—but back then it felt like 177 miles.

Map your own run by entering your starting location, then clicking and dragging as you see fit. It's really that easy. And you can search for runs, too. They'll compile a list of any maps created by other runners in your area.

Not a runner? MapMyFitness, Inc. owns the website, and they've created a few more just like it: MapMyRide, MapMyWalk, MapMyTri (for triathletes), MapMyMountain (for skiers and snowboarders) and MapMyHike. each of which, according to the company, is an "interactive social network that allows people to enjoy and share their workouts.

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