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Easy Ways To Fill Your Day With Health And Wellness #KohlsFit

Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by Kohl's. Despite compensation, all opinions are my own as they always are. 

When you think about health and wellness, two things probably come to mind: Diet and exercise. While these two things are very important, they're just the beginning. Creating a healthy life and meeting health and fitness goals is truly a never-ending journey that requires a multitude of actions from a variety of different directions. That might sound daunting and impossible, but it really isn't. Eat right, exercise and surround yourself with things that make health and wellness easy to achieve. Simple, right?

Let's talk about that last statement: "Surround yourself with things that make health and wellness easy to achieve." Specifically, let's talk about four simple things you can do from dawn to dusk that will infuse greater health and wellness into your day.

Good health is about diet and exercise...and living a healthy, wellness-based life. Here are some tips to stay healthy.
1) Wake up to an easy, healthy breakfast.
I truly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but so many people hate it. Probably because mornings are prone to madness and mayhem. There's just no time! Really, though...there is, and plenty of it. Search Pinterest and you'll find a variety of easy breakfast recipes. My personal favorite: The smoothie.

Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness
We have a Ninja blender with single-serve cups and it rocks my morning routine. I can literally blend and go, which is incredibly awesome and convenient. (Side note: Make sure your kitchen is stocked with tools that make meal prep super easy. Seriously, it makes a difference.)

2) Put motivation where you'll see it.
I am a huge fan of motivational quotes. Especially when you can wear them. If you follow me on Instagram, you've no doubt seen my obsession with Momentum Jewelry. And bracelets. I just added this "I Am" bracelet by Stella Valle to my collection:

Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness

Whenever I look at my watch (also a motivational activity tracker) I see this quote: I am...strong, confident, courageous, passionate. And I believe it. But if bracelets and watches aren't your thing, maybe a page-a-day will work. Or some artwork on your desk. Find something, plant it somewhere you'll see it, and then believe it every time you do.

3) Find time to pamper yourself.
This may sound like a silly tip, but it really works. There's a reason the spa industry is so popular, right? It's also expensive and not always accessible. So pamper yourself at home. Splurge on your favorite lotions and/or soaps. I shower at the gym a lot, so I bought this bliss Lemon + Sage Travel-Sized Gift Set for my gym bag:

 Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness
What could be a rushed, uncomfortable shower in a public environment is now relaxing and supremely refreshing. Long story short: A positive, feel-good state of being keeps you happy, and when you're happy, you're ultimately ready to take on the world. And "the world" in this case can be your health and wellness goals.

But, you can't take on those goals if you don't get enough sleep.

4) Make your bed the best place in your house. 
Sleep isn't about rest. It's about giving your body the time it needs to completely rejuvenate itself. When you are asleep, your body is repairing damaged cells, ultimately working to restore it's ability to function as it should. Sleep deficiencies can contribute to certain risks, too. Like high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc. So make sure you love your bed because if you don't, you won't get good sleep.

Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness
Easy fix? A new pillow. I also keep the Sleep blend from 21 Drops in my nightstand. It seems to help on those nights when my body is ready for bed but my brain isn't. You know what that feels like, right? #suckssobad

Long story short, your day is yours to do with as you please, but if you have grand health and wellness goals, you should really take stock of your environment. What do you need to keep yourself on track? Are you giving yourself the tools you need to succeed? It's really not hard to figure out what those tools are. We all have wish lists. We all have dreams. Combining them into one makes for a complete story, and one that's hopefully filled with great success.

My friends at Kohl's helped me with some of the products above. Admittedly, the blender was one such tool/wish list item. (Seriously, our old blender was cracked and clunky.) And guess what? They're willing to help you out, too. Whether you want to implement some of the above, or perhaps purchase a few of your must-have-for-greater-health items, this giveaway is for you.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below and you just might win a $100 gift card to Kohl's.

Yes, I said $100.

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Contest ends Friday, February 28, 2016 at Midnight EST. Winner will be notified by email, and must respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Open to residents of the USA only. Good luck!

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