Sunday, April 19, 2015

#LinkLove: Good Reads from Around the Internet, Vol. 5

A few months ago, I put Pocket on my iPhone. If you're not familiar with this app, it's essentially a place to save links for later. I use it all the time. Well, for the most part anyway. I currently have 17 links open in Safari. Yes, on my phone. Why I haven't saved said links to Pocket is beyond me. Seriously, my phone is a hot mess right now. It needs to be cleaned and cleared and updated and all that. I don't do it often enough.

About those links.

1) I made another batch of crockpot yogurt—you're supposed to leave it out overnight, which I did, and then I forgot about it when I left for work. Turns out, it's my best batch yet. It's not exactly "Greek" yogurt, but I'm thinking it'll work in these Greek yogurt recipes.

2) I think I'm going to make my barre class do inverted flyers this week.

3) I got some cold brew from Starbucks the other day and OMG. You know me and my iced coffee. I brew my own at home, but with hot water—however, I just learned how (and why) to make cold-brew coffee. So we'll give it a shot.

4) I miss the smell of sunscreen. I lathered it on pretty good in Mexico. Do we think homemade sunscreen is just as good? So curious.

5) Hannah is pretty curious about running. She sneaks out onto the track at my gym whenever she gets the opportunity and runs her little heart out. She calls herself a runner girl, so maybe I should get her a runner girl doll.

6) Life with three year old. Man, oh man. I fear these 10 things.

7) I am woman, and I am 34. Yes, there is something to be said about running in your thirties.

8) I've had a mad craving for some chocolate chip cookies. I might just have to make this chocolate chip oatmeal cookie smoothie instead.

9) Now that I've mastered crow pose, I want to give the one-legged arm balance a shot. Hamstrings, don't object. (They'll probably object.)

10) And finally, I'll just leave this right here: S'Mores Cheesecake. #thatisall

Question: Is there a yoga post that you are currently working on? Can you do one-legged arm balance? Any tips?


Mandy Nester said...

I've missed your blog! I've not had as much time to read it as I used to (the second baby is now 9 months old and my job is busy, busy)! I liked this post today. I've not hardly been running or biking, but I want to do a duathlon on May 2 (next Saturday!)...I know I could do the 5k run, then the 19K's the last 3K run I'm concerned about. However, I really think I could do it, even if I had to walk a bit. I haven't competed in almost 2 years due to babies, so I'm ready to get back in the saddle... Go you, though! I'm glad you know your limits and don't push them. I've never had an over training injury (that may be a bad thing?) and hope to continue that trend.

Michelle lihou said...

Tara I will be glad to show you the steps toward that arm balance. We do it a lot in my class😊 My tip don't force it or jump into it when you find that sweet spot in an arm balance your feet float up. Also they are more total body strength then just arm strength. I am obsessed with all types of arm balances but my days are limited with lots while this baby grows. Michelle 😊

tamieka said...

I keep seeing such great posts on Yoga! I need to find a studio or a place that I can work with to ensure I am doing moves right.

adailydoseoffit said...

Yes! You totally should! Yoga is great...I wish I could do more of it.

adailydoseoffit said...

YAY! Yes to this. Thanks for the tip. Can't wait to watch that bump grow!

adailydoseoffit said...

Oh, man. I know exactly what you're going through! Thanks so much for coming back, though! Life with totally different, right? Good like with that duathlon!

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