Wednesday, April 29, 2015

6 Things I'm Loving Right Now, Vol. 14 #workoutwednesday

Hey! Did you enter my snack bar giveaway yet? There's still time for you to win a box of tasty nutrition bars from Skinnygirl. Trust me, they're good. Some of my favorites, actually. I'd put them on today's list of things I'm currently loving, but...they already got a post all to themselves. So here are six more things I'm loving right now, including a PiYo Live leg segment that might be a nice addition to your next workout (no equipment necessary).

1) Snack Bags
Trail mix is amazing. Also expensive. And not always good for me because it's delicious and, therefore, so hard for me to eat just one serving. So I've been utilizing snack bags to create my own. I usually mix up raw almonds, peanuts and chocolate chunks (not chips...chunks, this is important). But this past weekend I bought the Sunny Cranberry trail mix at Target and portioned it out. I keep all the bags in our cookie jar. Yes, we have a Batman cookie jar:

2) Race Day Anticipation
I am officially signed up for a half marathon on Sunday, May 17th. I am so excited. I absolutely love having a race day on the horizon. It totally motivates me on long run Saturdays. I ran ten miles this past weekend at just about a 10-minute/mile pace. A bit slower than I was hoping for, but there were two major hills right in the middle of my adventure. We'll see what happens when I go out this weekend for twelve miles.

3) High Brew Coffee

 You guys. It's so good. I picked it up at Whole Foods on a whim because I recognized the label from something I had seen on Instagram. I don't think it'll make me stop brewing my own cold coffee, but still. Add it to the list of fun things I pick up whenever I hit Whole Foods. (Also, for what it's worth, Starbucks' cold brew coffee is, seriously amazing.)

4) Baby Steps
You guys, my little man is figuring out how to walk. He likes to push his sister's shopping cart. And he definitely figured out how to walk along the couch. I just can't even believe it's almost been a year since he was born. This stage is one of my favorites. Such cute little tumbles as he learns to get around on his own!

5) Old Navy Activewear

Oh. Em. Gee. Such cuteness right now. For real. And it was all (still is?) on sale. I bought the two outfits you see above. I have been searching for some, ahem..."booty" shorts that don't ride up. These fit the bill. They're long enough to look tasteful, but short enough to NOT make my legs look like sausages. And you can't see through them when I bend over. Also quite important. And they come in black, too. I could have bought the black pair and about 15 other things, but I exercised (ha!) some serious restraint.

6) PiYo Live 36: Flow
I am currently teaching a combination of Piyo Live 336 and 37, but I have to say, I am absolutely loving the Flow section in PiYo Live 36. My students are, too. At least one person says "oh, this is my favorite" every time we hit this segment of the class. This, of course, means nothing to you if you've never taken a PiYo Live class, so here's a little taste of what it looks like:

We repeat each move four times, then cut it down to two times, then one time each twice through. You might like to do this at the top of your leg workout, or maybe even at the bottom. Either way, I think you'll love it, too.

Question: I hear that Starbucks is coming out with a S'Mores Frappuccino. I know it won't be good for me, but...#smores. I am currently debating whether this will taste good or not. I think it might, my mom thinks it will be gross. What's your take? Also, what are you loving right now


Fit_MamaMeeks said...

Smore Frap.....#sinful!!! but i am sure sooooo yummy!

snack bag-perfect!!! helps me with portion control!

Old navy active wear...LOVE IT!!

curleedst said...

i don't really drink at Starbucks and I don't eat s'Mores so I can't tell you how it all will taste but OMG that outfit from Old Navy....yo let me find out they have truly stepped up their game!!!!! It is gorgeous! I want it. #wowlinkup

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