Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bodyweight Blast #workoutwednesday

How are the workouts going this week? Are you putting in the time? If you need some motivation, I'm coming atcha with a bodyweight workout that doesn't require any equipment whatsoever. Well, unless you count a stopwatch, but everyone has some sort of stopwatch, right?

So here's the deal, do the following once through (after the warm up of your choice). Repeat as necessary to create the workout length of your choice. Try to limit the time between each exercise to that which is only necessary. In other words, keep it goin' as best you can.

And remember, it's always wise to check with your doctor before you try anything new. I might be an ACE-certified personal trainer, but you and I have not had a discussion about your fitness needs, so I can't be sure this is right for you. Proceed accordingly.

Some things to consider:

Squats with Alternating Knee Pulls: Keep your feet hip-width apart in this squat. As you come up, lift a knee up toward the chest before squatting and repeating. Hello, core.

Plank with Alternating Leg Extensions: As you hold a plank position, lift your right leg up a few inches to activate your glutes. Return to plank position and repeat with your left leg to complete your second repetition.

Don't forget to stretch when you're done with this and any other workout you do!

Question: What kind of workouts would you like to see featured on Workout Wednesday. Suggestion box open!

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