Thursday, April 9, 2015

3 Things Running Can Teach You #pinspirationthursday

Running is an educational adventure. It teaches you things. Not just how to go fast and increase miles, but actual life things. It takes you deep within yourself and changes you, it really does. Today, I thought we'd talk about three things running can teach you, although I'm certain there are more.

1) Running teaches you discipline.
It doesn't matter what your goal is. It could be "run to that mailbox" or "complete a marathon." A running goal is a running goal, and it takes discipline to get there. And when you do, you cross a finish line that you won't soon forget. And every time you're faced with a challenge, you can recall that finish line and (consequently) the determination and strength you put forth to get there. You dug deep, you did it. And you can do it again if you channel some discipline. You can do anything with a little discipline, actually.

2) Running teaches you that independence takes you places.
With the exception of relay racing, running is generally considered to be a solo sport. And whether or not you're an athlete on a team, if you go running, you can go it alone. You can handle the trials and relish the triumphs all by yourself. That sounds depressing? Well, it shouldn't. Running teaches you that life is a journey meant to be shared, but in those moments where we feel alone, we CAN rise above on our own.

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3) Running teaches you that you are enough.
See note above about independence, and make note of this: That you have the power within to rise above, to put one foot in front of the other in search of the end result. A little help along the way never hurt a runner, but it's ultimately the individual that walks across that finish line. In life lesson speak, that just means you can believe in yourself. You can believe that you are enough, no matter how fast, slow, tall, short, strong or weak you think you are. You are you, and you do you, which makes life...your life...incredibly awesome.

Question: What have you learned from running?


Nicole said...

This looks like an awesome workout! definitely trying this the next day I don't feel like schlepping to the gym.

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks, Nicole! Hope you like it!

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