Tuesday, March 10, 2015

6 Inspirational Fitness Professionals #dishthefit

Always the trainer, never the trainee—said every fitness professional everywhere at least once in their life. Sure, continuing education requirements present ample opportunity to be said trainee. But time and money keep this from happening as often as I'd like. So for the most part, I'm the one leading my workouts via group fitness classes and/or personal running time.

I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. There is a reason I chose to be a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I love helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. But again, I love being the trainee, too. So today, I thought it would be fun to share my list of dream trainers. Inspiring fitness professionals that I would love to workout with.

Chalene Johnson, Jillian Michaels, Shaun T, Mary Helen Bowers, Tara Stiles, Another Mother Runner
I am sure that each of the following individuals would teach me bucketfuls, and I have no doubt that the fun factor would be off the charts. In no particular order:

1) Chalene Johnson
I am obsessed with teaching PiYo Live. It is, by far, my biggest challenge (so much to memorize). But it's also my best workout, which makes every class absolutely worth all the time I put into learning the choreography. Participating in a class with Chalene, experiencing my favorite format first-hand from she who created it, well...that would leave me speechless.

2) Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea
I know I'm just another mother runner, but these two are THE mother runners. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to clock some miles with them. Their podcasts make me laugh, and I can't put down their books. They definitely take a realistic approach to life, liberty and the pursuit of running when children and families are involved.

3) Tara Stiles
The queen of yoga, right? Her flexibility amazes me (and her name is awesome). I want her to teach me all the moves. Especially the crazy ones that call for arm balancing and back bending. I have her DVDs. They are wonderful.

4) Shaun T
I recently started following him on Facebook and Instagram. His cool factor is off the charts. Talk about someone who loves what he does! I have T25 at home, and it's what I do if I can't get to the gym or if I need an at-home, quick-style workout. I hear Max:30 is ridiculous in the best way possible, and would love to try that someday, too.

5) Mary Helen Bowers
Beautiful ballerina, this one. She's trained en pointe, and teaches a barre-based fitness class. Her Instagram account is stunning, and the little girl in me wants to be a ballerina just like her. I imagine working out with her would be an elegant experience.

6) Jillian Michaels
I never really watched The Biggest Loser when she was on it. If I'm to be completely honest, it's not really a show that I support. I think it's incredibly misleading, but that's another post entirely. But when it comes to Jillian Michaels...I think she's awesome. I've been following her Facebook page and have listened to some of her podcasts. And my fellow bloggers raved about her when she spoke at last year's IDEA World BlogFest with Sweat Pink. Turns out, she's coming back to IDEA World this year, and I'll be at Blog Fest. You bet I signed up for her Bodyshred workout:

Curious about this topic? Check out today's #dishthefit roundup to find out who my blogging peers want to workout with.

Question: Who do you want to workout with and why?


jillconyers said...

Jillian is on almost everyone's list, including mine! I worked out with Chalene and Tara last year and they're even more amazing in person. See you at Blogfest!

Jessica Durfee said...

What an awesome list, I am inspired just imagining these workout buddies. And, I feel for you wanting to be the trainee sometimes, that would be hard. When I worked in the movie theater in high school, sometimes I would look at the people GOING to the movies so longingly. HAha....pretty different situation, but ya know. I always thought it would be hard to be a masseuse for that reason! And, I am looking forward to that podcast! Thanks!

adailydoseoffit said...

Definitely check out that podcast. It's awesome. And I could never be a massage therapist because, you're right, so hard! Love massages.

adailydoseoffit said...

You totally do! They're so great. And so real.

adailydoseoffit said...

I can't wait to meet you at Blogfest!

Tricia @ A Couple of Dashes said...

I love your list! If I could pick one (actually two) people to work out with, it would probably be Karina and Katerina from Tone It Up! I love those girls and they seem like they could make any workout fun!

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