Monday, March 2, 2015

Why do you run? #runchat

I laced up yesterday for a chilly six miles around the neighborhood. Despite the main roads being clear, the side roads were still pretty snow-covered. I wore my Yaktrax—definitely a smart decision. The snow was compact, which made it bumpy and slick in spots. I averaged an 8:40ish mile, and I accept that as decent.

It’s not easy for me to train at this time of year, but I’m still shooting for that Spring 25K. So far, I’m right on track. I’ve been waking up early twice a week to sneak in my short runs. Evan is currently waking up around 6:30AM, so I get to the gym by 5:30AM. Home by 6:15AM. Quick shower, then it’s all systems go. This will undoubtedly change at some point, as I’m sure Evan will change HIS schedule. Babies, man. But until then, I’m hanging on to this routine.

It worked today, anyway. I was scheduled for four miles, but I only ran three. My ankles were a bit sore from all the dodging on my six-miler yesterday. I thought it best not to push.

Regardless, all of this reminds me how good it feels to be running toward a goal. Even though I haven’t made it official by actually signing up for the 25K, just knowing that it’s a possibility is a huge motivator. I have come to love running races because they motivate me to go above and beyond whatever level I’m at. One more mile. A few seconds faster. Whatever. Benchmarks are benchmarks and having that end-goal makes the journey extremely exciting. I also love running races because the sense of community they produce is an experience worth, well…experiencing.

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Can you list the reasons?

Every runner has them.

Here are a few more of mine:

1) I run because it clears the crazy and calms the soul.
2) I run because I love cupcakes, wine and chocolate.
3) I run because I can—anywhere, everywhere and at any time.
4) I run because I like race medals.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good race medal?
This one recently came in the mail from Jost Running:

race medal, race bling, jost running, virtual race

I pieced together two three-milers to create a 10K. This is another reason why virtual racing is awesome. Flexible, fun and for everyone at every level. Can't run a 10K straight through? Piece it together and call yourself a winner (because you are).

Question: Why do you run?

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