Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's have coffee. #ultimatecoffeedate

It's not very often that I go on actual coffee dates. Like, sit down for an hour and talk about nothing and everything with a friend. It just doesn't happen because #kids. So I thought it would be fun to link up with Lynda for an ultimate coffee date. She does this once a month and it's always fun to read.

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So if you and I were sitting down for coffee, I might tell you that...

1) ...We're looking into preschools.
Hannah is three. We are not entirely convinced that she needs to go next year, but we know nothing about the system so we're gathering information. She loves playing with the kids in the nursery at the gym every day, so this is not about giving her an opportunity to socialize (nor is it about childcare). But we think she'd handle some structured learning quite nicely. So, we'll see. I just can't believe "school" is even a part of our vocabulary right now. She's so old. Make her stop growing.

2) ...I'm reading a really great book called The One Thing by Gary Keller.
It talks about the idea that all good things stem from one, solid idea (otherwise known as the "thing"). That multitasking is bad and not in the least bit productive. That to get ahead, we need to figure out what our "one thing" is. This is a good book for me because I am the queen of multitasking. I would recommend this book to you, and then ask you what you're reading.

3) ...I cannot, for the life of me, pick out a paint color for our bedroom.
Are you good at picking out paint? We have a lot of cool tones in our house. The major color is a light grey, and it runs up and down our hallways, into the living room and Hannah's room, too. Our room, of course, butts up to this color. So the gray/tan/stone color I thought would work is looking too much like the aforementioned light grey.

Sigh and double-sigh.

4) ...I need to sign up for the 25K I have my eyes set on.
I don't know why I haven't signed up for it yet. I think I want to get into the double-digits first. The weather is warming up, so outside running is looking more and more like a reality. I can't even imagine running 10+ miles on a treadmill. Barf. It feels good to be training, although I'm still struggling with the concept of taking "me" time without guilt. I would ask you what you've done for yourself lately, and then I'd ask what you've got planned for yourself in the future.

5)...My hair is too long.
Seriously, it's out of control long. I hardly ever dry it, and the layers are such that it pulls back nicely. But I'm sick of it. So I made an appointment to get it chopped off. This is the throwback picture I'm taking with me, although it's still undecided as to whether or not I make the color change (despite the sun and funky filter, my hair is actually a lot blonder in this pic):

These, of course, are just a few of the things we'd talk about. You'd bring topics to the table, too. Maybe we'd make plans for another coffee date? If not, I'd understand. I can always link up with Lynda!

Question: What would you tell me if we were having coffee right now?


Laura @Fit Mama Love said...

I like the top left paint color, but I'm partial to greenish. We skipped preschool when my son was three and put him in when he was four, mostly because of the cost. I don't think preschool at three is necessary except for mommy needing a break, haha. He also got lots of socialization at the gym childcare and elsewhere, so it wasn't that we needed, but it's been nice adding some structure to our days, having a place to go a couple times a week. And he LOVES it there. And mommy loves the free time. Well, semi free since I have my 2-year-old with me still. I'll probably start her there before she's three. We love the school!

Janelle @ Run With No Regrets said...

Nothing more refreshing than a new haircut! I probably need more me time too...need to figure out what to do!

Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry said...

Tara, you hair is adorable, love the style you have going. Why don't
you head to Napa this June and run the Zooma with us {wink wink}.
Preschool, yep I recall those days {long long ago}. So cute and sweet.
Now I have a 23 year old, the middle one is 15 and our little
"princess" is 13 and I am starting to understand all the things I have
heard about having a teenage girl. LOL
I LOVE grey colors in the house. You can do so much with it and incorporate so many different themes with that color.
Thanks for coffee my friend :)

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