Friday, December 26, 2014

Because strep throat isn't fun. (But chamomile tea helps.)

As I type this, I'm holed up in my little basement office typing away with a cup of chamomile and honey. The kids are asleep, the husband is making his way toward bedtime—we're all sick. Literally, all of us. It's hotmessville up in these parts.

It started last Friday when my son went to bed with a fever.

Over the course of the last week, my husband developed pinkeye which has since spread to both my kiddos. And it might be brewing in my left eye.

Let me be clear on one thing: Yes, I love pink. But not in this very situation.

Additionally, while the fever is gone, my little man has two ear infections. And my daughter has a steady temperature. I had a steady temperature from Tuesday through Thursday, and now I have strep throat. 

So here's to hoping she doesn't end up with strep throat. 

Did you follow all of that? 
I can barely keep up and/or manage all the medications on the kitchen counter.

Worth noting: I forgot how much strep throat sucks. 
It's literally been years since I've had it.

It hurts to talk and swallow, but the tea (and the amoxicillin) is helping.

Did you know that chamomile tea can be used to relieve the symptoms of pinkeye? 

Our doctor suggested this to my husband as an addition to the eye drops he's been using, and he swears it's working. So I brew myself a cup of tea, and then pass on the tea bag to him. Don't waste good tea, eh?

Bet you can decipher that our Christmas was sort of crazy. Luckily, the kids still had a blast with their presents. But we aren't able to celebrate with my family this weekend, which is a complete and total bummer times five million because we couldn't celebrate with them last year, either.

Because I was sick. 
Joy to being sick on Christmas. 

Last year was different, though. I was pregnant, ended up in the emergency room for fluids, had the flu...anyway. This year is only slightly better. Translation: No trips to the ER.

I did try to make a trip to the walk-in clinic because my doctor's office was closed, which presented a 2.5-hour wait. I decided against it and instead accompanied my kids to their doctor. She didn't treat me, but made some suggestions as to what she thought I might have. I relayed her thoughts to my doctor via the off-hours phone number and...we've come full-circle: I have strep throat. Yay.

So, we're laying low hoping that the meds we picked up today will kick in overnight and put us on the uphill battle toward being healthy again. And since I'm not doing much in the exercise department right now—was supposed to teach a Studio Pump and PiYo Live class on Friday, but had to sub it out—you'll get your monthly dose of links to love at some point before the weekend is out. With lots of time to read, I'm finding some pretty great articles.

Question: Anyone else out there dealing with yucks right now? Any home remedies for soothing a sore throat? I'm down with trying anything. I've also gargled a salt water/baking soda combo at the suggestion of my doctor, which gave me some relief...


Kate Scott said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Being sick on Christmas is the worst. I'm a tea and honey for sickness kind of gal, so it sounds like you're on the right track. Have you ever tried essential oils? Thieves from Young Living is good for colds and soar throats. :)

Bethany said...

I was going to suggest Thieves Oil. Tom and I were sick and his acupuncturist suggested it. (I can't use it Prego, but I put it in the vaporizer). Put a drop on your tongue, throat and bottom of each foot before bed.

GiGi Eats Celebrities said...

Ugh!!! The YUCKS are the worst ever! I take quercetin, which is a natural sickness ass kicker! Serious business! I also take lots of vitamin D which kicks sickness in the balls! LOL! I hope you and your family feel better soon! :) I adore chamomile, sick or not!

Jess Dang said...

Sorry to hear that you've all got something! What's worked best for me is gargling warm salt water. Not pleasant, but effective. Hope you feel better!

adailydoseoffit said...

I totally do this! And I totally gag on it every time (ew) but it helps...I add baking soda to mine, too, per my doctor.

adailydoseoffit said...

I should start taking extra D. You're the second person that's touted it's benefits to me. Just the other week I was talking to someone about it at the gym...

adailydoseoffit said...

Great suggestion! I totally want to learn more about essential oils!

adailydoseoffit said...

So then I wonder if I can use it if I'm breastfeeding?! Definitely need to look into it...

TorontoGirlWest said...

That sounds horrible! I hope you get better soon! And in terms of a sore throat - I always find nothing works like honey with lemon!

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